GameZone Interview: Southpeak's Aubrey Norris talks about X-Blades

GameZone writeS: "Ayumi is a bit of an unusual character. She certainly has a bit in common with Lara Croft, but accomplishes things in her own highly stylized way. And to see her in action is certainly a joyful thing to behold.

Southpeak is the publisher behind X-Blades, a title that combines the fantastic with an almost manga style and intense action. Ayumi is an adventurer who deals with danger with her unique bladed weapons that are also guns. The game itself, spanning many platforms, combines exploration elements with hack-and-slash combat. To see the game in motion is a thing of beauty.

Of course, with the release date closing in, GameZone wanted to know a bit more about this title, and Aubrey Norris, Product Marketing Manager for Southpeak Games, was willing to answer our questions."

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