Resident Evil 5 Box Art Looks Damn Familiar

At a glance, the Resident Evil 5 box art certainly looks awesome. However, as frequent visitors to website VGBoxArt can attest, the Resident Evil 5 artwork looks awfully familiar.

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hitthegspot3621d ago

The Fan art looks better than the one Capcom used.

Cwalat3621d ago

Yes it does. but this has been posted several times.

elorm93621d ago

Coulda sworn someone posted this news story many weeks ago :|

Bnet3433621d ago

Buried for being older then last nights turd.

Arsenic133621d ago

Old news. Doesnt matter if capcom made a similar one. Its their images, they could do what ever they please .

villevalorox3621d ago

yeah i agree but some credit would be nice.

Joey Greco RULES3621d ago

youre right. its theirs. the kid who made a similar one is S.O.L.

@ville: oh he's getting his credit. right here on N4G and other fanboy websites. lol
i dont think capcom should give him anything. thats like asking asking a band to give you credit for using their music in your movie. it doesn't work that way----the movie studio gives THE BAND the credit.
He should be thanking capcom for not suing his ass for misrepresentation of their product. lol.

villevalorox3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )


"He should be thanking capcom for not suing his ass for misrepresentation of their product."

Might i ask how this is? Its fan art 1st off. And im sure Capcom likes to see fan art up. Its like free advertising almost. And no its not. if you inspire someone with their own work you should get a little credit.

IzKyD13313621d ago

*Looks on urban dictionary what S.O.L. means*

Joey Greco RULES3620d ago

YES---inspiration is something you cannot sue for.

BUT he didn't DRAW the character for his box art---he photoshopped them.
He used the ACTUAL images that Capcom has created, without permission.
The game is copywritten material. Its kinda like when you use a movie clip for something, you need expressed consent from that studio.

I hope this helps.

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The story is too old to be commented.