10 ultra-cool gadgets coming your way in 2009

9. Sony Cybershot G3

There were lots of compact cameras launched at CES this year, but none were more impressive than the Sony Cybershot G3. It's got 4GB of internal memory, has in-built Wi-Fi and a vast range of cool features.

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moses3624d ago

Cybershot sounds great, I hope more cameras take that route. The only thing that stops me from buying a Sony Camera is the fact that they use MemoryStick Duo's instead of SD cards, I think that's really really stupid.

40cal3624d ago

I like MemorySticks, as do a lot of people. Most card readers support both, even the photo printers in photo processing departments.

As far as it being stupid, Sony earns revenue off of the MemoryStick tech, so how is that stupid?

40cal3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

4. Sony Reader 2.0 PRS-700BC. I just bought my wife the Sony Reader PRS-700 for Christmas. This thing is a must for readers. It is portable, holds a ton of books/ has expandable memory, and we have found that e-books are cheaper. It is also nice to not have to worry about more storage space for her books as they tuck away nice and neat on the external HDD. Save some trees.

9. Sony Cybershot G3. This one dose look very cool. I just bought the DCS-T200 last Christmas though, so its going to be awhile until we upgrade. :(

7. Samsung's ultra-thin LCD panel. Very nice. Good job Samsung.

10. Powermat. I think that this is going to be a must have for everyone in the coming years. Leaves to look into investment opportunities.

El_Colombiano3624d ago

I don't know how they missed Pandora. That thing is a gaming system/laptop in your pocket. All on Linux.

drdistracto7073624d ago

Cant wait to get my hands on a powermat, those are just plain awesome

akaFullMetal3624d ago

the phone with a projecter sounds really cool
and the power mat thing that charges things with out cords, sounds like the future of charging phones and whatnot, very awesome.