The XBLA Essential List

Games Are Evil writes:

"Xbox Live Arcade has grown somewhat since its humble beginnings in late 2004, when it launched for the original Xbox with a whole six games. Now boasting a catalog of 170 titles made up of original games, remakes and releases, the choice on offer can be overwhelming. Never fear though, as we're here to give you a push in the direction of a few games we have singled out as 'essential'.

And so, without further ado, and in no particular order, here are the XBLA titles we have deemed 'essential.'

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CrAppleton3621d ago

Haha.. You know.. UNO isn't the greatest game.. but two of my buddies.. one of them now one of my best friends.. I met in an online game of UNO.. LAME I know.. but still

bgrundman3621d ago

As long as you both had your clothes on it is all good. No more Xbox Vision Cam penis views, please!

killyourfm3621d ago

Say what you will about UNO - but it has a certain magic to it, especially when one is drunk...

bgrundman3621d ago

It seems to be the case with most of these games that they are better when you are a bit sauced.

CrAppleton3621d ago

Texas hold 'em is great drunk.. Oh.. and Bomberman Live should be on the list too!

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bgrundman3621d ago

There is not a single game on this list that is not a must have!

CrAppleton3621d ago

no doubt.. these are all great games

hankmoody3621d ago

I have pretty much all of these save for Braid, Ikaruga and SSF2. I want to get Braid but there's no way in hell I'm paying that much for it. As for your other comment on Xbox Vision penis shots, I'm still scarred from the time I was playing Bomberman and the winner was jacking off in front of the cam when the end results appeared.

CrAppleton3621d ago

Castle Crashers, Geo Wars 1 & 2, and Portal = XBLA FTW

bgrundman3621d ago

Castle Crashers is probably my favorite game on this list. My wife and I have lost hours to that stupid little time waster. But it was so much fun.

Dark_Vendetta3621d ago

XBLA games I played through from that list:
geometry wars 2
portal (played it on the PC)
bionic commando
Street fighter
and I can say every game was worth the money (while I spent the most time with Ikaruga and GW 2, trying to get the highest rank or highscore)

games I'm going to buy:
Castle Crasher

bgrundman3621d ago

It would make sense to have those on the list, but they are pretty much just dirty ports. Most of these games have gone the extra mile and have alot more polish.

Cajun Chicken3621d ago

Duke has a GREAT rewind feature and some snazzy motion blur.

Probably right about Doom though, but its a nice classic to have.

CrAppleton3621d ago

True.. I like the list.. Duke & Doom.. while great.. I'm over em

roblef3621d ago

I totally dig your icon. Dr. WHO?

Cajun Chicken3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

Yeah, its David Tennant the Tenth Doctor, but I attempted to see what DT would look like as a live action Lupin III.

It sort of worked, but sort of didn't.

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roblef3621d ago

Great list. It's nice to see it all laid out like this.

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