Video - Killzone 2 trooper pops and locks in PS3 Home

Sony Corp.'s U.S. game division this week demonstrated an exclusive new costume available to customers who pre-order Killzone 2 for the Playstation 3 at

The Helghast Assualt Trooper outfit mingled in the online service Home in a CES demonstration.

The Trooper outfit can be mixed with various attire components should the player choose to wear a helmet and a cardigan.

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Killzonegamer833627d ago

Sony PLEASE release this in Home so anyone can buy!! Come on, if you guys want to increase that 1 million dollars you made in Home, you would release this for anyone to buy because i guarantee this would print money for sony if they made this avaliable for sale. Sony should price it at $3.99 and watch the money pour in, i would buy one instantly!! I already pre ordered at gamestop, i want this suit so bad for Home. I bought the Frosty snowman mask in Home and i love walking around the home public spaces with it and everyone giving me comments. Its great.

A helghast uniform would be epic


I have been saying this since I was invited to home...I wanted a HELGHAST T-shirt...but this is even sweeter...

Kleptic3627d ago

as sad and pointless that buying arbitrary stuff for Home is...I would totally pay for a Helghast outfit...stuff like that is fun I guess...its buying things like trendy 'real world' clothes that makes me question the service...

either way...they should set it up so that you get Col. Radec's outfit for your avatar if you platinum the game...that would be awesome...

and hopefully more info is released on the killzone 2 gamespace coming with the game...