Chinatown Wars contains more code than San Andreas

The latest issue of EDGE revealed that the forthcoming DS game Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars contains more lines of code than the 2004 PS2 game San Andreas. According to the magazine the game is feature complete and is almost ready to ship, complete with a variety of "well integrated" mini games and advanced touch-screen control.

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Cajun Chicken3622d ago

That probably means it was harder to develop on the DS, than the PS2, PC and XBOX then.

MasFlowKiller3622d ago

They Could Easily make a San Andres Story For The PSP Then, but this game does look to be a hit for the DS

mint royale3622d ago

Can't wait and that stat is really impressive.

Dorfdad3622d ago

Not sure its going to translate well to the DS hope Im wrong but it looks to me like a money grab...

Hercules3622d ago

san andreas was fit on a 4.7dvd...this is on a 512mb thing...someone help me please

iceman29293622d ago

just curious, if a developer/publisher use a larger sized cartridge? cuz those R4 things are like 4 GB or something right? and with the prices that these things are going for these days its not like it would eat into profits that much to move to a 1 GB or 2 GB card. (assuming that its allowed by nintendo etc)

majorsuave3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

I'm sure that Nintendo would raise the cap is 2K asked for it, they did for Archaic Sealed Heat which uses a 2GB cart.
Current NDS test cartridges are repackaged 2GB flash memories.

If you look at it, a DS cartridge looks a lot like a SD cart, and they come in heavy sizes nowadays.

DJ3622d ago

But code is very, very small. You can write a basic program within just 5 or 6 Kilobytes.

galgor3622d ago

Although this game is talking the talk, I'm not so sure if it'll walk the walk. Where the hell is the media?! We've not got many screenshots to go on, and no videos to gain an understanding of what it's actually like to play. It's reminiscent of GTA on the GBA, where sfa was shown until the last week or so before release. And it sucked.