Game Developer Layoffs: The Real Story

Gamasutra: "For an industry that's supposedly 'recession-proof,' there seem to be an awful lot of video game developers feeling the same pain as others laid off in so-called 'more vulnerable' industries. Perhaps even more pain, if that's possible, because the games sector is supposed to be doing just fine, thank you.

Take artist R.C. Montesquieu. For him, being handed his walking papers was like crossing the street and getting hit by a Mack truck. He just never saw it coming.

Montesquieu had worked at LA-based Pandemic Studios for almost six years and was feeling 'pretty secure' in his job as a concept artist. 'I really didn't worry about layoffs,' he recalls. 'It wasn't a company prone to that sort of thing.'

Then, the day before Halloween, he and his team members at the Electronic Arts-owned studio were told that almost 25% of the staff of 250 would be laid off."

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