Resistance Retribution, new ingame footage

The website PSFocus had the opportunity to play Resistance Retribution for the PlayStation Portable and they film it. Check the site for footage that had never been shown before.

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Rehabinum3627d ago

Looking forward to this handheld game in the Resistance universe!

Venomish3627d ago

me too
especially the infected mode

40cal3627d ago

is going to be awesome. I cant wait to unfold another chapter in the Resistance.

farhsa20083627d ago

resistance portable for the win

Cajun Chicken3627d ago

That's the best footage of the game I've seen yet. Incredible for a handheld.

DJ3627d ago

Time to dust off the ole' PSP again.

SwiftArsonist3627d ago

im worried bout the controls. guess well have to wait and see

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