Sacked Crystal Dynamics employee speaks

Eric Lindstrom, Creative Director of Tomb Raider Underworld, confirms that he was one of the staff laid-off from Crystal Dynamics.

Lindstrom feels he has a few misconceptions to clear up; "I wasn't going to post, but there is too much being said that I don't feel is right to go unanswered."

Firstly, on the rumour that content was cut from Underworld in order to create the Xbox 360's exclusive downloadable content."

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techie3623d ago

:( Poor guy. Cute cat.

SL1M DADDY3622d ago

How much time Naughty Dog had to spend on Uncharted to polish it up and get it out for retail? I imagine that since it looked better than TR, they must have spent more time and that is a simple result of publishers not pushing the developers. If publishers kept their greedy hands out of the development process, games would not end up like TR:Underworld.

Ghoul3623d ago

One of the best and honest interviews in a long time.

Well done Eric.

Best of Luck to you.

sajj3163623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

if it was cut due to production issues, Why exclusive to the 360?

A bit different story than what he said earlier. I stress the comment about not being part of the main game he 'saved'. Technically he's not wrong. Of course the truth comes it. It wasn't saved. It was extracted!

"The DLC that we're making for Microsoft is especially made. It's not part of the main game that we saved - we put all the game out there that we were going to put out there." The game, which is out there on November 18th, will be extended by some six hours through two downloadable chunks, developed at the behest of Microsoft. In other words, Lara's additional tomb jaunts in "Beneath the Ashes" -- due to arrive before Christmas -- and "Lara's Shadow" will most likely be "exclusive" to the Xbox 360 in the old-fashioned, what-the-word-actually-means sense."

The Judderman3623d ago

I really like underworld. As long as the DLC is reasonably priced i'll probably get it.

kingme713623d ago

Does it matter if it was cut for scheduling reasons or cut to be sold as DLC? The point is the content was created with the intent to go in the base game and it was removed. I'm of the firm mind that DLC should be created above and beyond the base game and that the efforts of the development team (including expense) should go towards solely creating DLC to justify charging for it. If you created it under the budget and schedule of the main game, then it was paid for by the $60.00 dropped when you bought the base game.

In any case, it sounds like Eidos has another PR gaffe on their hands as it seems to occur with every major title they release anymore.

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The story is too old to be commented.