Buyer Beware FF XIII Demo Not Included In All Versions Of Advent Children Complete

Siliconera: "Planning on picking up Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete in March to be among the first to play Final Fantasy XIII? Make sure you get the first edition version. Square Enix plans to launch three versions of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete in stores simultaneously. Confusing huh?"

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Hiruma Youchi3620d ago

since ps3 is not region locked the demo still can work on a American ps3 right? Toysnjoys/planet-asia are going to get alot of orders.

Keowrath3620d ago

up until now it's only been SOME bluray films that have been region locked. As far as I'm aware no games are locked on PS3.

muddygamesite3620d ago

This is yet another senseless move by SE. Makes no sense. I hope the sales suffer as a result of their stupidity.