Interview: Insomniac's Schneider Talks Building Deep Community With MyResistance

Gamasutra: "Many major titles have official web destinations, but Insomniac Games has for some time invested in building a community around its Resistance franchise via

Beyond the traditional marketing splash page-slash-content hub, aims at broader social networking features. In addition to forums, fans build profiles, aggregate their play stats on leaderboards and receive communication from Resistance 2 developers."

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Amnesiac3623d ago


They changed the game mechanics too much, I was so underwhelmed by R2

Graphics Whore3623d ago

That's cool I wasn't.

They added more of everything into the game and some how it's rated the same or lower. Lol okay, that makes sense media.

TheHater3623d ago

gameplay wise yes. RFOM is better than R2. But everything else R2 is better than RFOM. But since Gameplay is where it at when it comes to FPS, then I love RFOM more.

GrandTheftZamboni3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

It feels like R2 is completely different game. Some may not like that, but to achieve that is quite impressive.
RFOM has a strong European, British feel to it, whereas R2 feels very American, with zombies, swamps, desert.

I bought RFOM after finishing R2, and I did like the first one better, but now I itch to play R2 again.

Johnny Rotten3623d ago

R2 is way better the 2nd time around!