GamersInfo Review - Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures writes: "I've always loved the original Indiana Jones movies. How could I resist the chance to play through the movies on my Nintendo DS - and as a Lego creation to boot?

Being a linear sort of person, I looked around the starter area first. Upstairs are doors for each of the first three movies. Only the first door is unlocked to begin with. Downstairs are my classroom and museum.

The museum has an area where I can actually make my own Lego characters. The only problem is that I can't make something using character parts that I haven't unlocked by playing through the story. And much like the movies, so far there are only male characters to play. Oh, well. If Indiana weren't so awesome I would pout; but he is, so I won't.

I find there also are areas to access extras, multiplayer options and hints, and the classroom has a place to play minigames - but pretty much everything is locked to my starting character ... (right, I'm not pouting ... really).

I haven't really played many adventure games of this nature. I'm used to clicking on things or mousing over them. I'm not used to smacking things around and having them explode into little Lego pieces. You should have seen Indy's classroom and the museum area after I went to town with his whip. I think there might have been a few miscellaneous items and the walls left standing. Everything else was history."

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