Have Square Enix got it wrong?

PS3 Attitude writes; "Dear Square Enix; I'm confused. And if I'm confused then maybe others are confused. And confusion - let me remind you - is the enemy of game sales.

You see, you have so many RPG titles coming out in 2009 for the PlayStation 3, I really don't know which way to turn and what to buy..."

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Darkseider3621d ago

SE is marketing the hell out of FF XIII especially seeing how well Dissidia was received in Japan. Of all their products released Dissidia was the hottest title they had in a while. With Star Ocean coming and the cold to luke warm reception their other 360 RPGs received I can see why they are on FF overload. It's not to say that Star Ocean will be bad but they aren't counting on it as much as their FF series of games.

himdeel3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

...FF is always big in Japan so the sales there, while relevant, aren't and cannot be where SE places all there eggs so to speak. Besides selling lots of FF games in Japan is like seeing Godzilla crush Hokkaido, "I mean you know that it's going to happen every time he comes around, it's to be expected."

Likewise I honestly think the apathy for this game will continue to grow especially if they choose some region lock nonsense of the AC blueray and subsequent demo. Hell if I were in charge of SE they would release the PS3 demo outside of Japan in The Last Remnant with limited copies and I'd get the 360 version of the demo ready ASAP, and then sell it on LIVE/PSN simultaneously by the fall at the LATEST. This way they can stoke the fires a bit while catering to the rest of their audience.

Otherwise I predict by the time FF13 releases the anticipation and hype wilh pale in comparison to the actual product. People will be disappointed and the game will be lackluster at best.

Everything else you said is right on Dark...

Aaron Greenterd3621d ago

Sometimes in a war you "pick" the wrong side.

And by "pick", I mean bribed, colluded, payed-off

Ever hear the term "shotgun persuasion"? Click Click BOOM

gaffyh3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

Ok let's get the facts straight first, although I would like to see it, Versus is almost definitely NOT coming out in 2009. Most likely 2010, and FF7 Advent Children is a movie (although it includes a demo).

So what really is coming out is FF13, Disgaea 3, and The Last Remnant. All of which are different enough (and have varied audiences) from each other to be successful. FF13 is a standard RPG, Disgaea 3 is a Strategy RPG and TLR is kinda traditional (but if you aren't a hardcore JRPG fan I'd steer clear from this).

Yeah they should have released something on PS3 earlier, but I don't see how any of these games will affect other sales. If anything MS should be extremely scared in Japan.

hay3621d ago

Hey, at least PS3's owners will hopefuly receive bug-free version of Last Remnant.

SL1M DADDY3621d ago

Considering that the devs were on record as saying that developing for the 360 was great and easy and wound up with a game full of issues, I would not get my hopes up to high when it comes to the PS3 version.

caladbolg7773621d ago

I'll be skipping SE titles from now on.

Lon3wolf3621d ago

Now wouldn't that be something it was definately SE's errors with the UE engine. Not game breaking breaking by any means but jeez the slowdown and texture popin is unforgivable really. Maybe they should of spoken to Epic more about optomizing the engine for their game. Otherwise if they do improve it for the PS3 then it will be a bloody good RPG let down by Automatic Combat. Otherwise I really liking it so far, I have played roughly 40 hours on it.

Prototype3621d ago

I miss the days of SNES/Genesis and PS1/N64 fights where it was technology and imagination over money. Square already lost me as a customer back when 12 came out (to me it was an offline version of 11), and after the merge with Enix I have yet to even play something decent from them.

Even if (and I say IF not when) 13 comes out for the PS3 I'll already be playing something that's far better and more enjoyable. I really hope square fails so bad they go under just to prove that money doesn't equal quality - If Hideo believes in quality over money why can't Square?

hay3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

@1.5: True. But I still hope, gamers deserve technically polished games for their hard earned money(or hard begged from parents)...

@1.7: I guess it's nothing gamebraking but I'd hate to pay for a bit broken product... Especially when I would spent like 40hrs playing it. I just hope it'll be working without faults cause I would like to hit this game.

@1.8: Cause Kojima is fan-treating genius, not money-hungry company.

SaiyanFury3621d ago

S-E's releasing Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice in 2009? I've had this game since September of 2008 and it was published by Nippon Ichi. The Disgaea series is owned and produced by Nippon Ichi, not Square-Enix. I think this author needs to check his information and sources. Can't wait for Cross-Edge in March! Also by NIS America.

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majiesto3621d ago

I think SE just relies on the Final Fantasy series too much. Still, I'm looking forward to owning AC on Blu-Ray :)

PirateThom3621d ago

I think they've got it wrong.

Ignore Disgaea 3, since they're only publishing it in Europe and the fact the Last Remnant, Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Verses XIII have no release date and all Square Enix have confirmed for PS3 is a Blu-ray movie.

TheHater3621d ago

SE haven't release anything on the PS3 in 2 years since the PS3 has been out. This year the only thing they will be releasing on the PS3 is Final Fantasy XIII and a Blu-ray movie. Hell both of those aren't even going to make it out of Japan this year.
They have already release 2 games on the Xbox 360 and a third on one the way in Feb.
Edit: nevermind, three games was release on the xbox 360 so far. I forgot Final Fantasy XI

callahan093621d ago

Actually, 4 games. They also released Sylpheed for 360.

Harry1903621d ago

since the Spirits Within fiasco and the subsequent merger/fusion.

ultimolu3621d ago

I don't even know what they're doing anymore...

caffman3621d ago

you would dear. Hope you had a good new year!

ultimolu3621d ago

And I'm sorry but I'm just wary of buying one at this point. I'd rather wait for a complete redesign of the system so it doesn't die on me within a month.

And your New Year is late dear. :]

mint royale3621d ago

but if you get a jasper 360 you have very little to worry about now.:) Unless you plan on putting it in a sealed cabinet of course...

ultimolu3621d ago

Do I look like I'm joking?

Unless I hear that Jaspers completely fixes the problem, I have chosen not to touch one. 360 fans still think I won't buy a 360 because I hate Microsoft when I have said a MILLION TIMES that there are games I want to play but I am wary of the hardware.

That's the way I am.

mint royale3621d ago

My wii nearly died last week and my mates ps3 died 2 days ago with a disk drive error. Of course some jaspers will break but revisions that are inside the system specifically aim to reduce the causation of RROD. So if you ever plan to get an xbox then there is no better time really. And the 3 year warranty is nice insurance if it does crap out.

caffman3621d ago

I've not been on any threads to see you! And I understand your hesitation but give it a couple of months and I think you will be convinced

ultimolu3621d ago

I never implied that every other console is fullproof. It's true that other consoles have a chance of breaking. But there is no reason why I should have to worry about a console breaking within a month, or even a year.

I've had my PS3 for two years going on three now. I'm well aware of the fact anything could happen.

Mozilla893621d ago

I don't think I'm missing out on much with these SE JRPG's yet so I can't say I feel jealous.

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