IncGamers: Bill Tiller Interview

IncGamers' Peter Parrish talks to the man behind A Vampyre Story, as well as a point and click artistic legend, Bill Tiller.

In this interview Tiller discusses how he got into videogames, the inspirations to his art works and what to expect from the sequels of A Vampyre Story.

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Dorjan3144d ago

I love the style, to be fair I love most styles that are consistent and that the character designs suit the backgrounds!

Maticus3144d ago

Agreed, the style is awesome. This guy really knows his stuff.

Leord3144d ago

Interesting interview. It's cool to know more about the people behind the gam,e.

AndyA3144d ago

Love his work. LucasArts adventure games were incredible.

Leord3144d ago

I agree, an amazing amount of my youth spent pointing and clicking =P

thetamer3144d ago

He has worked on some of the most important games in the point and click genre and it's great to see that he's not changed his style or format with the introduction of next gen machines. What's also brilliant is that the feeling of the game is the same, making sure that the genre isn't lost amidst crappy takes of great games such as the Monkey Island series.

Leord3144d ago

Yeah, it brings back lots of nostalgic thought =)

AndyA3144d ago

The only one I never played was The Dig. Will have to give that a look.