Xbox Live downtime Feb 20

Xbox Live will not be available for a few hours tomorrow (Tue, Feb 20) from 10am to 1pm here in the UK. But don't worry though, the plug's being pulled for a quick maintenance session and nothing more.

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zonetrooper54320d ago

Its not that bad, i'll be at school while this is done. Hopefully my 2x 512mb stick of ram will come tomorrow and then i shall play CSS and DoDS on a good and steady framerate.

joemutt4320d ago

And only three hours, watch a movie or take a walk. Or hell, just play single player if you just cant turn off your console.

joemutt4320d ago

So if you read somewhere else its worldwide, we should be reading that article instead of this one.

Who cares, its 3 hours in the middle of the day, you need to be working or in school anyways.

Booneral4320d ago

It states the downtime regarding UK timeline. Practically it will be 5 to 7 hours before that in USA, so the downtime is actually scheduled for night in the USA, and it will be either school time or worktime for the rest in most areas of Europe. No big deal anyways, as long as the service gets better.

STICKzophrenic4320d ago

...since I won't have my console back by then.

Havince4319d ago

coz im a normal person who actually has a job until half 2 then goes gym, will be well and truly fixed by time i get in

sak5004319d ago

that another gamer likes to workout. Somehow i push myself to go to gym after work all the time thinking of going home eating and playing games, but then the body needs more than that ;)

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