Best Live Action Mario Sequence Ever

Kombo writes, "Oh, you goofy Japanese folk. Not only have you provided us with some of the best video game franchises that money can buy, but you have some of the oddest game shows I have seen. Luckily for us, they also produced this amazing live action romp through the original Mario Bros. stage 1-1. The video is nothing short of amazing!"

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bgrundman3627d ago

It thought it was great too!

bgrundman3627d ago

Now the question is how long do you think that took to produce and put together?

CrAppleton3627d ago

I wonder if these guys have anything else they do? Maybe Zelda?

bgrundman3627d ago

I have a feeling that they took long enough coming up with this that it may take them a while to come up with another one.

killyourfm3627d ago

BRAVO!!! man I hope these guys keep producing vids.

ChickeyCantor3627d ago


although funny video.

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