FFXIII demo to ship with FFVII: Advent Children in March

In this latest Famitsu piece, it is revealed that a demo of Final Fantasy XIII will ship with the FFVII: Advent Children movie scheduled for release in March.

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Snow3627d ago

Im glad i get to play this awesome demo on my Playstation 3...

Aren't you glad as well my fellow PS3 owners? :)

Ryudo3627d ago

Its most likely just for Japan so I wouldn't get your hopes up.

Snow3627d ago

Blu-ray disc's are region free ! I can import it anytime after release.Glad my console has a built in blu-ray player..

Ryudo3627d ago

Yeah but there's some speculation that the Movie could be region locked. Not to mention the fact it would all be in Japanese wouldn't it be better to simply wait rather then spoil the surprise.

gaffyh3627d ago

This news is so old, they announced this at like E3 last year or something.

3sq3627d ago

Japan has the same video region as USA (FFVIIAC), so no problem and if he's gonna import it then he's obviously understand japanese.

cayal3627d ago

"Blu-ray disc's are region free ! I can import it anytime after release.Glad my console has a built in blu-ray player.. "

No they aren't.

caffman3627d ago

PS3 games are region free
blu-ray disks are NOT

Lumbo3627d ago

You are both wrong, BluRay Movies CAN be region free, but don't have to be.

PS3 Games CAN be region free, but its up to the developers.

It is very possible that SE will put a "Japanese PS3 only" flag on the demo.

Bathyj3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

I thought all PS3 games were region free. Bluray movies sometimes are and sometimes aren't.

Japanese, is always not english.

gaffyh3627d ago

Most (if not all) PS3 games are region free, but it is up to the devs (I think DefJam isn't region free, but I'm not sure). Blu-Ray movies are not region free, but Japan and US have he same region code, meaning Japanese Blu-Ray will work on US machines, but not on EU machines and vice-versa.

hay3627d ago

If all BD movies are region locked how I watch my Blade Runner US import on european PS3? Bluray movies can be region free.
Either way, demo will be. Movie could be.

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Legendary-Status3627d ago

gosh! lol this title should of been out seem's like i been waiting 4eva but I wanna play 13 and vs so bad I know they are gonna be great games...

lord_of_balrogs3627d ago

Now you guys can actually stop complaining because you finally get your gameplay videos.

No FanS Land3627d ago

"FFXIII will be released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 later this year."

360 version this year? meaning US version? Did I miss something or Square really stepped up FFXIII's development?

Sangria3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

No, this is disinformation. FFXIII doesn't even have a release date, not even a year, people basically guess "end 2009 in Japan, 2010 in USA and Europe" but there is nothing official.

We also know that Square Enix announced the development of the 360 version will begin only once the PS3 version released in Japan. After that, rumors came to say that US and European PS3 version will be released once the US and European 360 version is finished, which has been not confirmed neither dismissed by Square Enix.

The side informations of this article are fake.

No FanS Land3627d ago

I knew about the game's release plan but still, it was kind of confusing. Anyway, I know japanaese a bit, so I'll just have to perfect it and then import the game.

Counter_ACT3627d ago

This is so damn old. It's like posting an article with the GTA IV release date. Ugh.

die_fiend3627d ago

It seriously was announced just after E3. How do people approve stories like this?

Bathyj3627d ago

Well since when does year old information always turn out to be true in this business?

Doesn't having it confirmed so much closer to the actual date reassure people its really going to happen and when they said?

Is your time so valuable you cant hear something twice in a year?

Counter_ACT3626d ago

but its not an actual date. They said "March" before, smartass.

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The story is too old to be commented.