WorthPlaying: Dynasty Warriors 6 PS2 Review

WorthPlaying writes: "I think a lot of people don't really understand the Dynasty Warriors franchise, and I'd say that up until the DW Gundam release, neither did I. However, when DW Gundam came out, I found myself hooked, despite the fact that the game still had all of the same stuff that I always complained about when it came to the series: repetitive levels, massive amounts of dumb enemies, and an overall grinding sense that felt like you were just trying to max out the numerous playable characters in the game. I'm not entirely sure what changed for me, but I found myself really addicted to the simple gameplay, and I ended up putting in quite a few hours with that title. Since then, I've gone back to a few of the Dynasty/Samurai/Orochi titles and found myself enjoying them a lot more than I ever did, but unfortunately, Dynasty Warriors 6 on the PS2 isn't one of those instances."

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