WorthPlaying: Animal Crossing: City Folk Review

WorthPlaying writes: "Back in 2002, Nintendo decided to do something entirely new. Sure, life simulator games like The Sims had been brought to the PC some years back, and they had proven fruitful, but how would something like that fare on a console? More specifically, how would Nintendo appeal to its target audience of younger gamers without sacrificing any of the genre's appeal? Countless brainstorming sessions later, Animal Crossing was born for the Nintendo GameCube. The purple lunchbox handled the game surprisingly well; sure, you couldn't get online connectivity, but you didn't really need it if you were content to be contained within your own little world. Animal Crossing: Wild World was born for the Nintendo DS in 2005, taking the original and expanding on it. Making this sort of game portable proved to be a significant boon, and sales soared. Nintendo has decided to bring the franchise back to its play-from-home roots with its recent release, Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Wii."

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