Infamous:New Screenshots

Here are 24 new screenshots for Infamous due for the PS3 in somewhere in 2009.

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Cwalat3628d ago

Don't know about you guys.. but i'm more excited for this, than Prototype.

I'm pretty sure i'll pick this up.

wil4hire3628d ago

They both aren't showing me that there is a ton of variety in the game.

But im a sucker for the climbing dynamic.

Faztkiller3628d ago

i never was excited for prototype just seems boring
but this is looking interesting

Skyreno3628d ago

well prototype is okay ...infamous is Awesome so yeah im getting both ^^

LarVanian3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

To be honest I think Prototype looks like a serious mess.
InFamous has the Sly Cooper climbing function (Except you can climb anything now) which I found to be very smooth and fun to use. It also has Uncharted-like combat. (Taking cover and stuff)
The story seems more inTeresting in inFamous too.

liquidsnake3627d ago

This is the real sh!t, not some failed game called Prototype wich is a total rip-off. The graphics, lightning, animations, physics etc, are miles ahead of prototype.

Radiodread3627d ago

hell it'll be like being on that show heroes. One guy a shapeshifter, the other with electrokinesis. Hell yah. @above, Prototype a rip-off of what?