Gaming Nexus CES 2009: Capcom

Gaming Nexus writes: "Capcom was stationed at Planet Hollywood and I had to do a nice hike from the convention center to their suite in the hotel. During my travels up to their hotel suite, I was treated to some game footage of Resident Evil 5 on some LCD screens above some slot machines. They had some more branding on the tables and signs around the casino floor. With that, I set up to the suite to check out three games.

First up is Dark Void. This third person action shooter is reminiscent of Gears of War but adds some unique wrinkles. For starters the main character has a jet pack. Press the Y button and you'll launch yourself in the air. The animation looks really slick with the way the arms and legs move as you take off. It reminded me of the old Rocket Ranger game on the Amiga and the folks did an impressive job given that it's all hand done and not motion captured."

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