Gaming Nexus: CES 2009: Hasbro Family Game Night

Gaming Nexus writes: "Sean and I had an appointment with EA Casual games and were able to take in several different titles. While he was checking out a different title, I was able to take a look at Hasbro Family Game Night for Xbox Live Arcade which was announced last week. I was shown small demos of Scrabble and Battleship, but didn't have time to get into Yahtzee, Connect Four, Boggle and Sorry Sliders.

Your guide in your virtual Hasbro gaming room is Mr. Potato Head, and he helps you out on each of the screens which include the games, achievements, leaderboards and gameplay area. From speaking with the EA rep, it looks like Hasbro FGN will also get its own channel on Xbox Live Marketplace, allowing us to purchase the games individually from their own area. Each game will have normal XBLA achievements and online leaderboards."

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