Greenberg: "we're not even thinking about the next generation at this point"

VG247: Microsoft's American mouthpiece, Aaron Greenberg said at last week's CES 09 that the company aren't thinking about launching a new console any time soon.

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morriss3571d ago

Yeah, right Aaron! We believe you! :)

ASSASSYN 36o3571d ago

Exactly what I was about to type.

Ghoul3571d ago

"we're not even thinking about the next generation at this point"

he is actually right (oh the irony)

MS is thinking about the NEXT NEXT Generation cause te plans for the next xbox are as good as done

I hate that guy

eagle213571d ago

Is the word getting out that the 720 is coming to soon? It seems odd that Microsoft is trying so hard to convince gamers they can play 360 for several more years. I mean, actions speak louder than words. Talk the talk and walk the walk. We know Sony has a 10 year plan.

You guys see the new deal Sony has with the new Yankee Stadium? That's really good marketing if you ask me.

"A new marketing relationship with the Yankees will see Sony equipment, such as LCD TVs and PS3s, and branding featured just about everywhere in the new Yankee Stadium."

Shadow Flare3571d ago

Yeah, you're focusing on this generation aren't you? Getting all those games out for that console your focusing on. All those, man i can't keep up with that 2009 library. Too many games ya' know. Yup. Gotta WHOLE pile of games on mai wishlist aaron.....

idiot. If you are focusing solely on the 360, then here's a starter:
- Fix the console

pswi603571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

That's because they are fighting for their very lives in this generation, and it doesn't look good. 1 more poor earnings report, or another hardware problem like the RROD will certainly take them out of this thing.

If only they hadn't been so overly eager to beat Sony out the door, just to say "we aren't last", they would be in much better shape.

Microsoft made a good games console this gen. It was much more powerful than last gen, sleeker, had better features, upgradeable, had top notch shooters at a time when shooters were at their peak.

Yet, somehow, they shot themselves in the foot, and then put their foot in their mouth, over and over. They alienate American gamers against the competition, when they really should be worried about themselves.

Microsoft still has time to turn things around, but it would take widespread, sweeping measures that initially would be hard for them to accept.

#1, Microsoft needs to get rid of Aaron Greenburg. He does nothing to help their public image, and gamers detest him. Shane Kim needs to go too.

#2, They need to stop nickel and dimeing the customer.

#3, Stop the widespread American media bias. It starts at the top with every single NPD press release. They need to focus on their business model, not how they look to the world.

#4, Stop ignoring the facts. The feature chart Sony released last week is 100% true. They need to stop acting like everyone believes their lies, and start giving the customer the value they deserve. The Xbox 360 Elite should be the standard unit for $299 right now. Gamers will pay the extra $100 because they know what they are getting. When the Elite does hit $299 later on, it won't help because of market saturation. Now is the time to do this, not later. Keep the momentum going.

I hope everyone can see that I don't hate MS, and I know we need MS in this business, but they gotta stop this "money buys everything" approach, cause it doesn't buy respect. They will not continue next gen if they don't turn this around.

Aaron Greenterd3571d ago

Greenburg needs to stop making press releases, interviews, emails, messages, or any other form of contact with the public.

I make more sense than he does, and I'm a hardened, loathsome, pseudo-satire filled ultra-fanboy.

Hey MS faithful: The minute Aaron Greenburg stops talking, then I will.

Sibs3571d ago

Can it work the other way around?

(not to say I don't enjoy your comments, but I wonder if you could somehow impact ms's Greenberg :o)

3571d ago
na2ru13571d ago

they BETTER make the most out of this gen after so much funding of 3 years warranty. MMMilk it

CyberCam3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

Thanks for the intriguing read I too have had a hunch that Microsoft have been bleeding at the ears with regards to the 360. I'm not saying that your post is indeed fact but the tell tale signs & some common sense deduction, tells me that your not too far off the mark! Great post & a bubble for you sir.

@Aaron Greenterd
You definitely have witt and a quite sense of humour... I have been tracking you the last day or so and you have some amusing posts on this site, I gotta give you credit for that. Unfortunately it looks like the mods don't share my views.

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Droid Control3571d ago

We all KNOW that sony/M$/Ninty all start thinking about the next generation as soon as their current consoles are out the door!

Its been that way for years!

We know M$ is well along in the design phase. We know they've been speaking and consulting with chip vendors, intel and IBM etc...

as has all the others.

STFU greenburg! You are the biggest money at M$!
I miss Peter Moore...

dredgewalker3571d ago

Yep Peter Moore was more level headed than this creep. I dont even know if 360 fans like him.

morriss3571d ago

Yeah, I liked Peter Moore.

Graphics Whore3571d ago

Eh.. Peter Moore wasn't really any better.

morriss3571d ago

They must be thinking about it.

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