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Two guys arrested by danish S.W.A.T. for playing ps3

Two guys was arrested yesterday for playing ps3. The neighbour thought they heard shots from the apartment, because the 2 men had turned the volume up. The danish S.W.A.T. team was called into action, and the 2 guys was arrested for suspicion of shooting.

Follow the link for the rest of the story :) (PS3)

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smokeymicpot  +   2426d ago
They were probably playing GTA4.
donator  +   2426d ago
I would hate to be the police officer that called for the SWAT back-up.
GrieverSoul  +   2425d ago
Imagine if the SWAT had RAM the door, pop some smoke and shout ´´Get THE ++++ DOWN!!!``

They would probably keep playing saying,
´´Man this is one realistic game! Great sound effects!``
Helghast  +   2425d ago
Once KillZone 2 comes out, people will be arrested for NOT playing PS3
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Cwalat  +   2425d ago
UNCyrus  +   2425d ago
Damn these children new adays...
and their Atari, and their Zima, and their Dan Foggleberg
Mr Bot  +   2425d ago
funny incident
Aaron Greenterd  +   2425d ago
Little do they know that I was the one who called police....

Stupid ps3 gamers having fun for free....NOT COOL
prunchess  +   2425d ago
I'd be laughing all the way to the bank...
My lawyer\ solicitor would love this!

Sounds like the neighbour was just pissed off at the noise. The SWAT team should have brought the neighbour in too.
InfectedDK  +   2425d ago
nice one GrieverSoul

This is so typical in my country..
Le Idiotce  +   2425d ago
True Dolby 7.1 Surround sound system (only on PS3)
can have that effect on people.

masterg  +   2425d ago
They were not arrested.
After then police had searched the apartment and heard their story they were free to play again. Just at a lower volume.

I from Denmark and read the story in danish papers yesterday.
InfectedDK  +   2425d ago
badz149  +   2425d ago
LOL @ Greenturd!
dude, what happen to your bubbles??
ProperFunked  +   2425d ago
the swat was probably on
M$ payroll....poor guys =P
BleuStreeks  +   2424d ago
Yup I would have sued the swat team the neighbor and any one else that I could own. OOOO man my lawyer would have looooved this.
pixelsword  +   2426d ago
A nod to 7.1 surround sound...
...so realistic, it makes trained Police Officers call for back-up.
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Jager  +   2426d ago
LMAO.... i can see it now Cop: "Sh!t, SHOTS FIRED!"
shqype  +   2426d ago
Brought to you only on Playstation 3.
da_hitman81  +   2425d ago
only thing missing is that impact vest so you can truly feel the game LOL

Amnesiac  +   2424d ago
There is no way that a cop who is on the premises would mistake surround sound for actual gunfire. Trust me, I target shoot a lot, guns are VERY loud, I've cranked my surround sound before, and it's never made my ears ring...

This is either a case of Danish Police being failtacular or the person who called in the complaint blew it WAY out of proportion.
milkyway  +   2426d ago
they were listening to that song made entirely from cod4 sounds!
Hellsvacancy  +   2425d ago
The bank job in the movie Heat
Now thats sum killer sound effects when ever i watch that movie i hav the volume up as loud as i can

Marci  +   2425d ago
It must have been something of an experience..
Zip  +   2425d ago
SERIOUSLY! THIS IS NOT A JOKE! I LIVE NEARBY AND I WAS LIKE "WTF? S.W.A.T?!! " .... well that make me loose all my magic mushrooms tough =(
Ryangp  +   2425d ago
Waste of tax payers money!
ultimolu  +   2425d ago

That's just...lol.
psthreee  +   2425d ago
blackbeld  +   2425d ago
ooh boy.... PS3 Rules with good HIFI and HDTV.... :)
demoneyeslaharl  +   2425d ago

... Sony should use that.

Game so good that the police think it was real. Play Beyond. :P
NabsterX  +   2425d ago
I would freakin save before they got me, barricade my door and ish haha
Raoh  +   2425d ago
that would be one hell of an audio receiver and speaker commercial LOL
Zip  +   2425d ago
no its just the danish stupidity

er der nogle danskere med på linjen ? :P ....
Hojlind  +   2425d ago
ja selvf er der det :) har jo trods alt selv smidt historien op :P

its amazing how dumb some people can be but then again its a mad mad world :P
Marci  +   2425d ago
Når det handler om lille Danmark må man jo læse ^^
Magic_The_Celt  +   2425d ago
LarVanian  +   2425d ago
HAHA This is the funniest news I've read so far this year!
I do feel sorry for the two guys that were arrested though.
Its just funny how you can now get arrested for simply playing a video-game lol.
Skynetone  +   2425d ago
They forgot to mention that three officers were shot during this raid
Alib8000  +   2425d ago
Epic ad
Sony should use this as an advertisement... Sounds so real, you get arrested.
liquidsnake  +   2425d ago
Hahaha I was thinking of the same thing.
bviperz  +   2425d ago
Talk about an excellent sound source. Hope they don't get charged criminally, maybe just disturbing the peace.
ashwx  +   2425d ago
dumb neighbours, if somebody was actually shooting, you could tell the difference :P

er også fra danmark, læste det igår på GR :P
infamous_27  +   2425d ago
No, The PS3's sound is so amzing it's hard to tell the difference ;P
Bob Dole  +   2424d ago
You'd have to have some serious speakers and amplifiers to compare to the sound of a real gunshot. You can definitely tell the difference.
Cyber Gamer  +   2425d ago
its either they used great speakers like B&W or the cops and neighbours was high as hell lol
Zip  +   2425d ago
hold da kæft! hvor mange danskere er vi lige her? troede fandme kun det var udelukkende amerikanere! smid mig på jeres psn: andre1986

we fragges ved =)
theflyingfool  +   2425d ago
pretty amazing
this made me laugh so hard...
if only i had neighbors so my system could
get the swat team at my house
Nihilism  +   2425d ago
the google translation on theat article is terrible
oh and funny story, i bet they were getting into the game thinking they were badass, eg. 'take that MF' and blow someone away in a game, *less than a second later*, the door splinters and they jump to see a swat battering ram smash the door and it's locks off and 10 armed people dressed like the ones they thought they just pwned in game come in and scare the shi% out of them
macalatus  +   2425d ago
Somewhere in HaterLand...
...Jack Thompson is laughing like hell!
cjflora  +   2425d ago
Microsoft will stop at nothing.
Wow...I thought paying journalists to write "failure" stories about the PS3 was bad, but now they're getting people arrested? They will stop at nothing! LMAO...anyway that is pretty funny. I wonder if they were yelling "Hold on, just one more level" as they were being handcuffed.
SprayandPreycom  +   2425d ago
youd be pissed to
if you heard gunshots and porn the whole night from the apartment next to your room seperated only by two sheets of dry wall some people just dont respect there neighbors either way if swat does come out someone is paying the min 5k bill

Related video
FAT_GAMER  +   2425d ago
some thing like this
some thing like this happened to me when i played swat 3 on my pc,the level where u in the shop, and the level where u in the bank and if u fail the mission there is a big bang and the volum was on lound but only the poilce came not swat of i will be dead
suitedcrs  +   2424d ago
the publisher sucks
good story, but him hojlind ain't good at posting!
Marci  +   2424d ago
Well I can only agree..
Google translate is bad too :)
kazan  +   2424d ago
well well many will be arrested next month LOL
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