Two guys arrested by danish S.W.A.T. for playing ps3

Two guys was arrested yesterday for playing ps3. The neighbour thought they heard shots from the apartment, because the 2 men had turned the volume up. The danish S.W.A.T. team was called into action, and the 2 guys was arrested for suspicion of shooting.

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smokeymicpot3540d ago

They were probably playing GTA4.

donator3540d ago

I would hate to be the police officer that called for the SWAT back-up.

GrieverSoul3540d ago

Imagine if the SWAT had RAM the door, pop some smoke and shout ´´Get THE ++++ DOWN!!!``

They would probably keep playing saying,
´´Man this is one realistic game! Great sound effects!``

Helghast3540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

Once KillZone 2 comes out, people will be arrested for NOT playing PS3

Cwalat3540d ago


UNCyrus3540d ago

and their Atari, and their Zima, and their Dan Foggleberg

Aaron Greenterd3540d ago

Little do they know that I was the one who called police....

Stupid ps3 gamers having fun for free....NOT COOL

prunchess3540d ago

My lawyer\ solicitor would love this!

Sounds like the neighbour was just pissed off at the noise. The SWAT team should have brought the neighbour in too.

InfectedDK3540d ago

nice one GrieverSoul

This is so typical in my country..

Le Idiotce3540d ago

can have that effect on people.


masterg3540d ago

They were not arrested.
After then police had searched the apartment and heard their story they were free to play again. Just at a lower volume.

I from Denmark and read the story in danish papers yesterday.

badz1493540d ago

dude, what happen to your bubbles??

ProperFunked3539d ago

M$ payroll....poor guys =P

BleuStreeks3539d ago

Yup I would have sued the swat team the neighbor and any one else that I could own. OOOO man my lawyer would have looooved this.

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pixelsword3540d ago (Edited 3540d ago ) realistic, it makes trained Police Officers call for back-up.

Jager3540d ago

LMAO.... i can see it now Cop: "Sh!t, SHOTS FIRED!"

shqype3540d ago

Brought to you only on Playstation 3.

da_hitman813540d ago

only thing missing is that impact vest so you can truly feel the game LOL


Amnesiac3539d ago

There is no way that a cop who is on the premises would mistake surround sound for actual gunfire. Trust me, I target shoot a lot, guns are VERY loud, I've cranked my surround sound before, and it's never made my ears ring...

This is either a case of Danish Police being failtacular or the person who called in the complaint blew it WAY out of proportion.

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milkyway3540d ago

they were listening to that song made entirely from cod4 sounds!

Hellsvacancy3540d ago

Now thats sum killer sound effects when ever i watch that movie i hav the volume up as loud as i can

Marci3540d ago

It must have been something of an experience..

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