Complete guide to DDR3 memory

When DDR3 was first released, you'd have thought it was handcrafted from a block of solid gold it was so expensive.

While the price isn't high enough to make King Solomon blush anymore, it's still a fairly hefty investment. If you're spending so much, you want something to show for your money, but memory performance is harder to quantify than CPU or graphics chipset performance.

If you're planning on upgrading to Intel's new Core i7 micro architecture, then DDR3 is going to be an essential part of your system, but even for those sticking with P45, DDR3 is still very much a requirement.

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DJ3596d ago

So DDR3 is all I can buy. Thankfully, the performance is top notch for graphics rendering.

zagibu3596d ago

I hope your graphics are not rendered in system memory...

zonetrooper53596d ago

Still not sure on DDR3, well not until the price goes down that is. DDR2 still gives you good performance for a cheap price though.

zagibu3596d ago

Yeah, especially because the article didn't even mention performance comparisons between DDR2 and DDR3. I guess it still takes almost a year until price/performance ratio is acceptable for DDR3.

moja3595d ago

Wow, I still don't know any more about DDR3 than I could find shopping for modules on newegg.