"Synergy" means no need to "save" or "sync" on Palm's pre

Ars Writes:

"In an interview today, Palm's Matt Crowley spent a few minutes talking about one of my favorite hobby horses, the metaphors of "sync" and "save" when applied to the cloud. With "Synergy" on its new pre phone, Palm has ditched both metaphors entirely. "There's no metaphor of sync, save, push-there's no button," Crowley said.
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Users just make changes to their data (contacts, calendar, mail, etc.), and Palm's webOS handles committing those changes to whatever canonical data source it is accessing in the cloud. And herein lies the most important difference between the webOS and Apple's iPhone OS: the iPhone was originally designed under the assumption that the canonical source of a user's data (contacts, calendar, music, tasks, etc.) is a Mac. Palms webOS, in contrast, presumes that cloud-based services are the canonical source for your data (with the possible exception of media, which we don't know about yet). "

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