37 video games being made into movies

It is almost a staple of Hollywood in this day and age to mine the video game industry for "popular" properties that they think would make good films . . . or rather, that they can make into a film so they can MAKE MONEY. Naturally.

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Carbide73628d ago

The only ones there that I'd want to watch would be God of War, Metal Gear Solid and Assasin's Creed.

lord_of_balrogs3628d ago

I'm pretty excited for the Gears of War movie.

RememberThe3573628d ago

That would have been so freakin sick!

BattleAxe3627d ago

God of War and Metal Gear Solid should be good, but after reading the storyline of the Killzone universe, I think that this could be right up there with Star Wars or Star Trek.

Elven63627d ago

Why do people keep thinking Sabotage 1943 is the movie adaptation of Velvet Assassin? THEY ARE BOTH based off the life of Violet Szabo and have no other relation to each other aside from that. Infact, the movie doesn't even refer to Violet but a character based loosely off her work.

slak3624d ago

Guitar Hero movie????????????

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TruthBTold3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Usually video games that become movies suck and movies that become video games suck as well except for Goldeneye, only game I remember being good that was a movie. Without thinking too much I would say Kane and Lynch might make a better movie than a game, kinda like Heat. Bioshock sounds like it could be good too. God of War would have to be CG like Beowulf to look good and really show the story like the video game. GeOW could also be good ig also done with computer animations sort of like Appleseed or FF with the same style Gears has been, then I would really want to watch it.

Fatal Frame in Jap anime and the Legend of Zelda in a Lord of the Rings type would look good.

HDgamer3628d ago

The mortal kombat movies has always been good just like DOOM.

RebornSpy3627d ago

Wasn't Goldeneye a James Bond movie before it was a game?

Elven63627d ago

The MK movies were better then Doom, they are actually some of the more successful ones both financially and critically compared to other adaptations.

Cajun Chicken3627d ago

Feature length animation to be released same time as Interplay's EWJ4, officially organised with Doug Tenapal.

I personally think that's been some of the best videogame related news for years.

smokeymicpot3628d ago

Most of these are rumored. Some might even come out.

Harryhit43627d ago

Thanks for pointing the only two possibilities in the universe.

VMAN_013628d ago

Am I the only one that thinks that games shouldn't be made into movies. For one I think its what seperated the gaming medium from a movie the fact that is a game and not a movie. Movie directors just throw down there own plot, introduce completely new characters, settings, story etc and just slap on the game name. e.g Resident Evil.

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