CES 09: Vibras Five.One - 360 Headset Review

Life is hard for married gamers. Play too little and you begin to get the shakes, but play too much and you can subtract the 'married' from the equation. Jumping onto Live as soon as your starts counting sheep is never quite as easy as it sounds. Games at their best with the sound cranked up, but keeping your wife awake with the sound of shotgun shells will often leave you with an angry spouse that makes bloodthirsty Locusts seem tame. Vibras' new Five.One Headset is the official Xbox 360 solution for all your late-night gaming woes. The headset is the married gamer's dream come true, providing the ability to play games as loudly as you want in full 5.1 Dolby Surround while your spouse sleeps soundly; so long as you can keep your excitement in check. Check out the full review of the newest official Xbox 360 headset now.

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UltimaEnder3624d ago

Nice review, I'll check this headset out!