Five reasons to seriously consider buying a netbook

Netbooks represent the latest consumer electronics craze. They're small, they're portable, they're dirt cheap, and, in 2008, consumers bought somewhere in excess of 14 million of them. At last week's CES, all the major players introduced new netbooks, stimulated by that consumer demand: Sony introduced the Pocket P; HP debuted the Mini Mii; Asus brought out its S121 with a 512GB solid state drive.
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Power users are often skeptical of small, underpowered devices. Now that CES is over, here are five points to consider that might change your mind about netbooks and how you might use one

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anh_duong3627d ago

i have a netbook. i don't think you should buy one right now because i am currently having problems viewing HD streams online. luckily i got my netbook quite cheap (mispricing) otherwise i would have been disappointed.

in other words before you buy a netbook at least check to see whether it streams HD video well e.g. HD of the gametrailer website for example.

hitthegspot3627d ago

They also can't play Crysis...

IdleLeeSiuLung3627d ago

lol... but seriously how much power does a netbook have? I just upgraded my Thinkpad X31 to a X61s. This thing is tiny, yet comfortable to use with plenty of power.

My concern with netbooks are they barely have enough power to run Windows XP Home. At the moment, I do not want Linux on it...

MasterChief36243627d ago

Well your standard Netbook nowadays, as they have evolved quite a bit already, has enough power to do plenty of everyday things. If you use the Netbook for anything regarding Word documents, spreadsheets, e-mail, web-surfing, etc., you'll be fine.

As the article states, Netbooks aren't meant to replace your home computer, nor your laptop. They're meant to be miniature additions to your computer setup, and are strictly made for business purposes.

Obviously if you want a gaming computer, a Netbook is the exact opposite of where you want to go. But for a casual-use, internet-surfing, business-doing, personal computer, the Netbook can work as stable as you could hope.

Hope this helps =)

hitthegspot3627d ago

I thought some of them could run XP. If they can't even run XP their not a fit for home users at this point. I was thinking this would be a great device to remote control my desktop from the couch. Nope.

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kevanio093627d ago

As does the title, netbook ( trademark of Psion ) is a copyrighted term now :p

Also the sony vaio p is not a netbook its an ultraportable.

Oh and its also not cheap.

Put a picture of an eee in there.

C_SoL3627d ago acer aspire one can't even stream HD which really sucks.

chrisgay3627d ago

I got a Dell Mini 9 last week and installed Mac OS X on it- been using almost non stop since- brilliant :)