What Console Do You Play The Most?

The Nielsen Company recently released their Top Ten Lists of 2008 for the US. This report focuses on the top trends in the US of which video games is one of them (ya don't say...). One of the top ten lists related to video games was specific to video game console usage.

NextGen Player is interested to know what game console you play the most?

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Cajun Chicken3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

360 used secondly for Crackdown, EDF2017, XBOX BC and cheap secondhand multiplats and the good XBLA games.

RememberThe3573598d ago

I think I play my PS3 the most, but like I said, it really depends.

Agent VX3598d ago

Xbox 360 for games and multiplats due to the better online service in XBL.

PS3 for watching bluray movies and a few exclusives.

Sorry folks, but the original Xbox beating the PS3 is just too darn insulting to imagine. That is pathetic!!! ROTFLOL!!!

ErcsYou3598d ago

Most prefer the console they bought first...
Your first console most likely has a huge list of friends and nice amount of trophies/ achievements. Because of this most also prefer there multiplat games on there first next gen system.. collecting achievements or trophies becomes boring when there is nobody to compare them with..

Itrguy0013598d ago

look at the user generated polls 60% are playing ps3 more

RebornSpy3598d ago

I totally agree. I got my 360 first, so now i more inclined to get titles for the xbox in order to increase my gamerscore. Also I have many more friends with Xbox's than PS3's.

macalatus3598d ago

Sorry Agent, but the PS2 beating the 360 is just too darn insulting to imagine. That is pathetic!!! ROTFLOL!!!

Why dis3598d ago

Pay station fee?

Help me out.

I see their site poll voted the winner although most of the people that voted already have the winning console in the poll.

You can get more comments in a average thread on this site. Probably why it was dragged through sites like this.

y0haN3597d ago

Since I got the 360 I have played my PS3 like once, and that was 2 weeks ago. I'm still enjoying my 360, but when KZ2 comes out, the treatment shall be reversed.

rockleex3597d ago

Because they're waiting for the PS3's price to drop.

90% of PS2 owners will buy a PS3 when its price drops. Obviously some of them have already transferred to the Wii. But seeing how rarely they use the Wii, they're just waiting for the PS3. ^_^

prowiew3597d ago

I play more my 360 just because my 3 best friends have the 360.

ps: I think xbox is use more than ps3 because of halo 2

shovelbum3597d ago

It's not even close in my house as far a gaming.

360 - 70% (had longer so multiplat games get bought for it due to friends preference as much as mine)
Wii - 15% (kids and wife mostly but I do like Boom Blox and Bowling)
PS3 - 10% (use almost daily for Blu ray tho) likely to increase soon with KZ2
Dreamcast - 5% (love NFL2K/1 and kids like Crazy Taxi and Rayman 2)
PS2 - hasn't been on in over a year
xbox - same as above

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Aaron Greenturd3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

there should be 3 comment zones on n4g:

1. noob zone (formerly gamer zone)
2. jerk zone (formerly open zone)
3. real gamer zone

you comment belongs in #3 my friend

the wii is a joke, ps[3]60 is win

bassturd3598d ago

Greenturd is right! There should be a section where you have to enter your PSN name and 360 gamertag to post. If they could somehow verify they are legit.

MiloGarret3597d ago

They should, absolutely. FFS, that's a great idea! Do it n4g! It'd really make me respect this site a lot more.

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Death3598d ago

1. PS2 - 31.7%
2. Xbox 360 - 17.2%
3. Wii - 13.4%
4. Xbox - 9.7%
5. PS3 - 7.3%
6. Gamecube - 4.6%
7. Other - 16.2%

These stats are insane.


Lord Vader3598d ago

Xbox 1 is seeing more play time than PS3 ?!?

OMG, that is just SAD.

RememberThe3573598d ago

Those numbers are for here in the U.S.

bassturd3598d ago

I saw these stats awhile ago. Surprised the Wii is so low since it sells so well. People buy it and don't play it huh? PS2 dominates, no surprise there. One of the best consoles made IMO.

Aaron Greenturd3598d ago

Gamerscore: 12115
ps3 trophies: 0

But your unbiased?


Fowack3598d ago

for the secound time in many minutes....

macalatus3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )


The explanation is simple: People play their original Xbox as they wait for their 360s to return from their quarterly repair.


I'm sure you have better creativity in having a better user ID, Mr. "Multiple Accounts"! lol

moreover3598d ago

or the ps3 sucks so bad

Aaron Greenturd3598d ago

I respect Death, but he's gotta get those ps3 trophies up if he wants me to believe that he sees things clearly...

Or that I don't

Death3598d ago

Trophy support is very limited on the PS3 since it isn't a standard feature. Of all the games I own, Pain is the only one with trophy support and I played the hell out of it before the patch came. If you want to see trophies, send me a game that supports them or wait for Killzone 2 to come out.

As for your remark on my Gamerscore, each game is worth 1000 Gamerscore. I have 12,115. While that seems like a lot to you since achievements and Gamerscore aren't something you are familiar with, that is the equivilant of finishing all of 4 games per year. My Ganerscore is actually low compared to how much I play. In all honesty though, I spend most of my time with the Xbox 360 since it is more fun for me with it's standard features like achievements and Gamerscore and my friends list along with the ease of use when connecting with them and speaking. Your crack about the lack of trophies on my card is ironic since this is a feature that Sony has promised for over 2 years and has failed to deliver on consistantly.


bassturd3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

how do you even look at people's trophies? I can't even figure out how to see my own other than starting up my PS3. I go to my profile on the PS3 website and can't find em.

Not like it matters tho. I made a new profile and only got Uncharted trophies...only cuz I loved that game so much. Just wonderin

EDIT: BTW Death, trophies are suppose to be mandatory I believe now. So every PS3 game here on out is suppose to have them. Correct me if I'm wrong on that tho. I think, I'm less sure of this tho, that they are required to have headset support as well.

macalatus3598d ago


I'm trying to respectful here, but I don't think that you're description of PS3 trophies as "very limited" is warranted. It's either that you really don't know about PS3 games or just don't care about them. Why? Because a lot of PS3 games after the summer of 2008 have trophies.

Here is a list:

Aaron Greenturd3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Death, there are at least 50 games that do support trophies. All you have to do for Pain is update it and you can get trophies. You would know that if you turned on your ps3 and went online.

As far as Gamerscore, mine is 2610, my trophies are 140. Neither one is very high, because I don't just stick to 1 console. See how that works? And here you thought I really hated people like you...

Seriously though, Death, stop using old arguments to support your slant. The ps3 has had trophies for awhile now, on blu-rays, psn games, and even that Linger in Shadows thing. It's like $2 and you get 16 trophies. Yet people like you spend tons of $$ on your Gamerscore, and then come here and act like you are unbiased.

You are not unbiased because you bought a ps3. You become unbiased when you break up with your girlfriend, the Xbox 360.

Just be honest about what you are. I'm honest...about you anyway.

Death3598d ago

Gamerscore and achievements come standard with every Xbox 360 game. Also, I didn't say that no games have trophies, but when you compare what do against those that don't it is a very small percentage. I'm not going to go out and buy a game so that I can brag about an achievement or a trophy. If a game I am playing has it and I earn it by playing then I will have it. My Gamerscore and achievements pretty accurately show what I do while playing. It is rare that I do something just for the sake of the achievement. Like I said, unless I buckle down and buy Little Big Planet anytime soon, the next game I get with Trophy support will be Killzone 2. It would be nice if my existing library supported trophies, but the sad fact remains that they do not.


Aaron Greenturd3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Quit trying to change the argument.

The fact remains, dear Death, that what started this whole thing was you flaming me in another thread claiming that you have "honesty and integrity", yet looking through your post history, and from me tricking you into telling me how many ps3 trophies you have, I have made the case that you are a stealth 360 fanboy.

I have proven that you, not even by accident, have not achieved 1 ps3 trophy. You can even get trophies in Home, and that is free.

My case remains strong. You thought I was some brainless idiot fanboy, and what you got was someone who exposed you, plain and simple.

You went pee into the wind and got soaked.

The end.

GoldenBoy3598d ago

Why is anyone really surprised by this. The PS3 has the lowest market share of the major consoles. Here are the US sales to date for all major consoles (this gen and last gen):

PS2 50M
PS3 8M
XBox 16M
360 16M
GC 13M
Wii 21M

So I would expect when you ask the question which console do you play that the PS3 would be low. It hasn't even beaten GC sales in the US yet. So not many people own one so they can't be playing it. By the same token I am not surprised by the PS2. There are some many in the US it should be number 1 for maybe one more year. What is surprising is the strong performance of the 360. More than double the PS3 which is the sales ratio (2:1) but more importantly more than the Wii which sells more. Looks like people play their 360s more than people play their Wiis.

BTW..I am a playstation fan...I play my PS3 way more than anything else.

Aaron Greenturd3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

No need to feel worried man, you didn't have to tell us about your ps3.

The problem is people like Death will say "ZOMFG look at Xbox beating ps3 how saaaaaad for ps3 blahahaha"

yet ignore what #1 says on that chart.

But yes I agree the 360 is doing well, mostly because of the "Deathgrip" hold it has on American pun intended

Death3598d ago

For the last time, I have no trophies for the simple fact none of my games support them. Blame Sony or the devs that don't include them. Your flamming me for this is funny since it points out a flaw with the PS3, not me.

Look at the stats. Let's use your number one spot cominbined with the PS3's position. Together they hold 39% compared to the Xbox and Xbox 360 holding only 27%. North America seen sales of about 13 million Xbox's before it ended production in 2004. That's about a 50% larger userbase than the PS3 has. That would make it less of a shock that it holds 30% more playing time since it has the larger user base. It's odd that it's out of produxtion and gets more time, but whatever.

Now look at the PS2. 31.7% with a userbase of over 42 million in North America it should be at the top spot. Together the PS2 and PS3 have over 50 million consoles in norht America, but according to these numbers they only have a 12% lead over the Xbox and Xbox 360 which has a user base of less than half the consoles sold. Not to mention the PS2 is also still for sale at retail. That's impressive.


SL1M DADDY3597d ago

It's a well known fact that Death is a Xbox fanboy. Arguing with the likes of him is much akin to tossing pearls to the swine.

As for the article, it is obvious that people love their PS2's still over the next gen consoles but as time goes on and prices drop, the PS3 will be taking many of those devout fans to the HD side of gaming. It's just a matter of time.

Considering that the 360 is as cheap as it is, the 360 would have already began to take the PS2 fans to MS's side if it were what they wanted. Interestingly enough however, people that own a PS2 want PS hardware and will just wait for the PS3 to drop in price.

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Cyber Gamer3598d ago

PS3 and probley get a xbox360 when its 20 bucks lol

MiloGarret3597d ago

Your joke was so bad it actually made me laugh.

callahan093598d ago

It depends on the time of day, time of week, time of month, time of season, time of year, time time time, scenarios, odds and ends and hoo hah. Different games for different times. I played the hell out of my PS3 with Disgaea 3, Metal Gear Solid 4, LittleBigPlanet, WipeOut HD, PixelJunk Eden, Siren, Resistance 2, Valkyria Chronicles, etc.

I played the hell out of my 360 with Lost Odyssey, Tales of Vesperia, Fable 2, Gears of War 2, Braid, Castle Crashers, Rez, Ikaruga, etc.

Both give me lots of enjoyment for different desires at different times. I'll sometimes go through a stint where I play one of them constantly and the other not at all, then later on that'll switch over the other way, and then inevitably back again.

I do, however, wish that every good 360 game was instead on the PS3. Why? Because my PS3 is quiet, has free online, and has never died on me. MY 360 is annoyingly loud, I'd rather not have to pay to enjoy any of my games online, and it's so far died on me three times. It's got great games that I love to play, so I put up with it all, but if I could've played all those on PS3, I'd have definitely preferred that. I know it sounds fanboyish, but I just like the PS3 more, solely as a piece of machinery (not talking about quality of games).

Death3598d ago

and you have the room on your HDD, install the game. This will remove the spinning of the DVD drive which makes the system pretty quiet. It also develops less heat which lowers the fan speed and will most likely prolong system life.


callahan093598d ago

Indeed, in fact I've put about 40 hours into Fable 2 in the past week alone, it's installed on my hard drive (I've left exactly enough room on my drive to be able to install any single disc for a game and have a minimum of 1 gb remaining if the game utilizes a discs maximum capacity... more free space if its a smaller game). The thing is, the system is still loud as hell. I don't fully understand why. My PS3 is literally completely silent except when the drive spins and the optical laser moves, which are relatively quiet sounds. The 360 makes a humming racket just by turning the bugger on. I'm not sure if the newer models make this sound because some people that I've complained about this to claim they don't have this issue, but I've purchased 2 brand new Xbox 360's, one in September of 2006 and a Halo 3 version in September 2007. Currently using the Halo 3 (green) one (I bought it to begin with because my other one had failed twice and Microsoft refused to fix it for free the second time, and Halo 3 was just coming out so I decided to plunge for a new one altogether) ... it makes a helluva racket just turning it on and being idle, much less whenever a disc drive spins.

Why dis3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

#1 either has an real old model, with or without a larger HDD(older models are still louder than new consoles regardless of HDD/installs) or he doesn't have a new 360 with the larger HDD.

Sounds like he is spewing PS3 fan talking points and doesn't know what he is talking about.

Heres how it goes.

*Older 360's are loud(DVD drive and fans)

*Older consoles with larger HDD used for installs are less loud.

*New 360's can hardly be heard due to the silent drive and better fans plus cooler console.

*New 360's with installed games, silent!!!!

callahan093597d ago

I know exactly what I'm talking about. Don't play the fanboy card, for god's sake. What's up with everybody, nobody can criticize anything without being a fanboy? Ridiculous.

I have a Halo 3 special edition green Xbox 360, manufactured September 2007, and it's loud as hell. What more do you want from me?

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