Sony thinks that Little Big Planet's Sale are going accordingly.

Sony's Computer Entertainment president Kai Hirai Said at CES '09, that Little Big Planet had 1.3 million sales since the launch of the game back in October. For Playstation 3 this is...

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Cajun Chicken3628d ago

Wow! Killzone 2 and now the Cell has made the Playstation 3 a self aware entity with opinions of its own awesome, original titles!

It just keeps on getting better!

Skynet FTW!

Genesis53628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

I wonder what mine is thinking right now. It might be thinking Veronica Belmont is hot because I just finished watching Qore #8.

Cajun Chicken3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

"I want Killzone 2 and Infamous in me NOW."

EDIT: It's really funny, because if that title changes, people are going to be really confused what we're commenting about, lol.

EDIT2: Doh, fun's over now.

Aaron Greenturd3628d ago

This is what I get for paying retards to write anti-Sony news.

With 1UP/EGM boarded up, and the whole internet aware of my company's ties to Variety, CNET, Gamespot, and Metacritic, there aren't many options for me at this point.

But it's a win/win for me. The author is the one responsible for trying to make 1.3 million copies of LBP sold in 4 months a bad thing. If he succeeds, great. If not, he looks bad, not me.

Well, at least not until I spilled the beans just now. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!!!

Helghast3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Are you playing PlayStation 3

or is PlayStation 3 playing you


I'm still playing LBP, it's always fresh and fun between the always new user-generated content (like World of Colour), great DLC (costumes/accessories) and themed map packs (like MGS). My friend came over last week and we played co-op and he loved so much he's seriously considering getting a PS3.

MAiKU3628d ago

How the hell does a company "think" their sales are going accordingly? It's either they're pleased with it or they're not, there's no "well that's what they think" about it.

Way to go contributor.

prunchess3628d ago

from a site desperate for hits!

LBP is the dogs dangley bits! It's a game all my family plays.

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Aaron Greenturd3628d ago

Here let me translate:

"Sony thinks that Little Big Planet's Sale are going accordingly."


"OMFG we are SO SCARED...have you SEEN Killzone 2? It is being compared to CRYSIS for God sakes. WE ARE IN A CRISIS!!!! we've GOT to fire up the propaganda engine RIGHT NOW....hurry UP and release ZODU or TOFU or whatever the heck that game is called....QUICK"

Nate, hope this helps.

Death3628d ago

I can't believe you are still here. I was hopeing to avoid even acknowedging your existance, but for the love of God, read the article. It's actually "Pro-Sony". When the haters hate on the wrong things it makes them look even more rediculous. My advise is to flush this account, research what you want to discuss and post with even a small amount of integrity. Perhaps then you will be recognized for you say instead of as an anti-Microsoft mascot or cheerleader for the SDF.


Aaron Greenturd3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

I posted below, but now you are getting out of hand.

With 1 click you can ignore me, yet you've chosen to directly address me, knowing the nature of all things here? There are many, many people, on both sides of this thing, that you could spend your time addressing, than try to somehow spin this and make me look bad.

I've been here for a long time, Death. I've been here for 2 years while one side gets constantly attacked, over and over, without merit. I provide a unique view as to what I believe is the more irrational group of people here, the 360 fans, because they feel that Sony deserves some punishment of some sort. This view is the single most distorted view in all of gaming.

I will stop when I feel that things are "more equal".

So I would suggest ignoring me rather than engaging me Death, because you aren't going to win. Nobody wins here.

Oh, and Death, I know what side you are on.

Death3628d ago

You seem pretty bright, but waste your time makeing outrageous statements to garner attention and provoke others. I have a pretty good sense of what people are capable of and feel you are better than this. If you want to change the way the PS3 is viewed on N4G, this isn't the way to fo it. If someone wants to flame ignorantly, don't fall to their level and do the same. Use facts to dismiss their claims or ignore them. Retaliating just keeps the cycle of stupidity going which isn't something we need.

I suppose I could be wrong though and this is the best you can do. I somehow doubt it though.


Aaron Greenturd3628d ago

Death, the reason you don't like me is because you know I am right. You are defensive because you are a fanboy, but you don't want people to know about it.

So you go around commenting like you are neutral, yet inside you have your allegiance, as I have mine. But you fault me for going about it in a different way than you do.

Don't hate the player Death, hate the game.

ElementX3628d ago

Aaron Greenturd how the f#$k do you have 670 score and 9 bubbles? Multiple accounts??? That's the only reason I can think of

goflyakite3628d ago

Greenturd is awesome.

dragunrising3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

I don't think there was anything to worry about in terms of sales. New IP and different game play concept kept this game from selling a million first day however I think the game will be around for a while on the sales charts. Word of mouth and commercials don't hurt. Definitely not a game to trade with all the fresh content being generated (user and official).

Edit: Even though I know Greenturd is a fanboy, I find his comments amusing and sometimes insightful. N4G needs a little comedy relief every so often. Why so serious? Bubbles for everyone!

Aaron Greenturd3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Death: "I have absolutely zero trophies though."

Gamerscore: 12115
ps3 trophies: 0

But your unbiased?


Dude, I rest my freaking case. Your gamerscore is what, 10,000+ yet you cannot find time to get 1 (ONE) ps3 trophy?

Really Death? And you argued with me this whole time knowing I was right...

Your soul looks like a 360 fanboy, I'm sorry. Thanks for being honest, though, I think if you can be honest with yourself, you can be a better gamer from now on. Good luck man.

Fowack3628d ago

All the ps3 Supports give him bubbles because hes funny as hell and makes everyone laugh. There are alot of people on this sight like that but they get overlooked because of all the fanboy and fanygirl sh1t that goes on.

Greenterd is like a shiny penny in a pile of horse crap!!!

Death3628d ago

I'm on chapter 13 of Valyria Chronicles and have 12 medals, but those aren't the same as trophies. I've unlocked content and achievements in Pain, but once again, they aren't trophies which came later. I just checked my games to the list and other than Pain, none have trophy support. If you want to send me one I would be happy to earn a couple trophies for you. If not, you are going to have to wait for Killzone 2 to see them. You can put your torche away now or atleast bring some marshmallows.


3628d ago
jkhan3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

First off I am as much hyped about Killzone 2 as anyone on this site, but in order to make killzone 2 a real threat to Microsoft it needs to sell really really well. It needs to sell like Halo 3 did and the only way that can happen is if Sony puts some god damn money in advertisement. All hardcore gamers already know what Killzone 2 is all about they need to board other people on this hype train. If killzone 2 sells around 5-6 million only then 3rd party devs will consider PS3 as a viable choice, otherwise it will be another great ps3 game lost in the overly negative press.

XxZxX3628d ago

the only person that can annoyed by greenturd is a 360 fanboy. End of story, someone just show his tail.

Joey Greco RULES3627d ago

So much fighting....i love it.
This is better than watching Desperate Housewives.
Should be called Desperate Fanboys.


dantesparda3627d ago

Come on, you're not fooling anyone (except maybe yourself). Its obvious which side you're on. But then again, I would appear to be a PS3 fanboy, but you'd be wrong. Cuz i am no PS3 or Sony fanboy at all, but rather just a 360 fanboy hater! And i own the 360. And i can smell youse from a mile away. Now i'll admit you're not that bad about it, but you definitely are more reliable to the 360 side than the PS3 side.

GiantEnemyCrab3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

Aaron Greeturd aka Sony fanboy calling out other fanboys. Classic!! You dedicated your dupe account to a MS exec and go about trolling 360 news and you believe you are spreading truth.

"because you know I'm right"

"OMFG we are SO SCARED...have you SEEN Killzone 2? It is being compared to CRYSIS for God sakes. WE ARE IN A CRISIS!!!! we've GOT to fire up the propaganda engine RIGHT NOW....hurry UP and release ZODU or TOFU or whatever the heck that game is called....QUICK"

That is the truth to you? You represent the PS3 fanboy perfectly. You aren't right, you are a conspiracy FUD spreading drama queen.

You didn't even read the article because it sounds rather "pro-Sony". You honestly believe this is some attempt because whoever the hell you are referring to is "scared". Don't flatter yourself so much.

HateFanboys3626d ago

You represent the 360 fanboy perfectly, arrogant, full of sh!t, bullsh!t spreading drama queen. And you're pro-360

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tatotiburon3628d ago

well good for sony, they already know that their games don't sell

Cajun Chicken3628d ago

1. therefore; so; in due course.
2. in accordance; correspondingly.

goflyakite3628d ago

Don't bother Cajun, he still wont understand the word.

GiantEnemyLobster3628d ago

So Sony had planned on littlebigplanet being a flop? Well thats one thing Sony succeeded in then.

Graphics Whore3628d ago

Haha, Best rated exclusive game is a flop, that's a new one. Fanboy's never cease to amaze.

Oner3628d ago

Can someone please explain that 1.3 MILLION in sales, somehow equates to a flop?

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Killzonegamer833628d ago

Considering it probably only cost anywhere between 10-20 million dollars to make LBP and it alrady generated over 60 million dollars in sales revenue already.. Id say LBP is going "accordingly" also, the reason I think it only cost sony 10-20 million to make is because if it cost sony 50 million to make such a HUGE and massive game like Killzone 2, it probably cost next to nothing to make a game like LBP

Sarcasm3628d ago

Not quite. To make LBP, a new engine had to be made from scratch. Which is usually what makes a game cost a lot.

jkhan3628d ago

Yeah I agree but they didn't had to invest in the resource hungry techs like motion capture, high res textures etc. All they had to do was to build a physics based engine and a tool that can create levels, the next most time consuming work was to build levels' artwork. So I am pretty sure LBP development budget was no way near Killzone 2's budget.

Death3628d ago

How is this being viewed as anti-Sony? It's a direct statement. The article even supports this as being "good". The only ones disappointed in LBP sales are the legions of fanboys that preached LBP as being the next Xbox 360 destroyer ending the current generation console war for second place. The reality is Sony is happy with LBP sales which are very good considering it is a niche game. Not everything has to outsell Halo in order to be a success. PS3 owners need to realize not all games are judged on their sales and ratings. There are some very good games that fail to reach even 1 million units and get a score over 70%.


Aaron Greenturd3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

please stop being reasonable and logical, this is

but as to your question, I'm just posting in case the legions of 360 faithful come trolling, that way I won't have to do it later.

"PS3 owners need to realize not all games are judged on their sales and ratings. There are some very good games that fail to reach even 1 million units and get a score over 70%."

everyone needs to realize this Death, not just ps3 owners.

Death3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

The differance is you see more PS3 gamers waiting for the next big thing. The mentality is very strange. The promises of this generation by Sony seems to have had an impact on gamers. It's almost like they wait for the next Metal Gear or Killzone 2 and ignore everything else. I'm still trying to figure out the stats from the Nielson article. How can the original Xbox be getting more playing time than the PS3? Don't even get me started on Valkyria Chronicles sales. Best SRPG I've played in a long time, but getting sales that are not justified.

As for your posting before the Xbox 360 fans get here, where is the logic in this? Lead by example. The example you lead now is for people to flame without reason. Why not use logic and integrity to make N4G a better place?


Aaron Greenturd3628d ago

So you want me to be a stealth fanboy like you?

No thanks.

Death3628d ago

That actually sounds kind of cool. I am an Xbox MVP and own 2 Xbox 360's and 50 or so odd games. You can check my Gamercard to see what they are. I also have 2 Xbox's along with a little over 100 games and have been a Live member since the beta. This alone makes me a fanboy I suppose.

Unless you also know that I own a 60 gig PS3 and about a dozen games. I probably have twice as many Blu-Ray movies too. Before that I owned a few PS2s and even more Playstations. I proudly worked the launch of the Playstation at my local EB (it was a part time gig so don't laugh) and left that night with my Playstation and have been an owner since. I also own a PSP since launch, but enjoy it much less than I thought I would. If you didn't know the Xbox part this would probably make me a long time Sony fanboy.

Unless you knew I've owned every Nintendo console since the 8 bit era. I actually have a couple Super NES's sealed along with Killer Instinct atill. I have a Nintendo ROB somewhere, but haven't seen him in years. For the record the Wii has some really good games to accompany all the shovelware too. This would probably make me a Nintendo fanboy.

As long as you didn't know about my stash of Sega gear. They made it, I own it. I even have a JVC Xeye. Master System, Genesis, Sega CD, 32X, Saturn (import and domestic), and of course a couple Dreamcasts and a ton of games. I have a couple sealed back up Saturns too. In all actuality I am one of the original fanboys from beginning. I would probably be considered a Veteran of the console wars. Granted they started even earlier than this with the Atari/Colecovision wars, but that was pretty tame.

Today though I enjoy all consoles since I have a pretty decent job and can afford it. I gave up being a fanboy long ago when I became platform agnostic. Do I have preferances? Sure, that is evident by what I play, but that does not mean I do not enjoy and respect what all platforms have to offer.


goflyakite3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

While I agree with your point, "Not everything has to outsell Halo in order to be a success. PS3 owners need to realize not all games are judged on their sales and ratings. There are some very good games that fail to reach even 1 million units and get a score over 70%." I think most PS3 owners are fine with the way LBP and other big titles just released are selling. And I also think it's mostly others attacking the PS3 that think these sales numbers are no good.

Anyways, +bubbles Death, you've made some really good comments.

Aaron Greenturd3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

That's great Death. I actually own 3 360's and 1 ps3, but I'm still a ps3 fanboy, and just because you own a ps3 doesn't mean you like it, or you aren't a 360 fanboy trying to act all neutral (and take down the biggest thorn in your side, me).

I see right thru you Death. I see right thru your comments and into your soul. Guess what? When I joined this site, 2 years ago, I signed up as "wiips360" so people would think I was neutral, so I could trick them like you try to do. Isn't that funny?

Listen man, I'm not gonna judge you. We are gamers. I think it took balls on your part to confront me, and I gotta show you respect for that. If you want, you can PM me your gamertag, and I wouldn't mind taking a look at your ps3 trophies either.

Peace man.

/Edit: Death, I replied above, I am having trouble identifying which post to reply to. I think your claims of being unbiased and neutral are pretty weak when you don't have 1 single ps3 trophy, yet your Gamerscore is in the tens of thousands.

Death3628d ago

I also like the exclusives on it or I would only own it for the Blu-Ray capability which would be kind of silly. I have absolutely zero trophies though. I'm getting kind of casual in my old age. You can check me out as DeathscytheHC on either console. While your at it send me a pm and let me know what my soul looks like. :D


moreover3628d ago

rofl greenturd acting tough on the interwebz, doesnt take balls to confront a ps3 fanboy on the internet. But i guess u feel safe in this sony haven called N4G.idiot.

no-spin3628d ago

good comments,
WOW you have played some games in your life. I prefer the PS3, and i agree with you on the whole weird media war. I do have to say that if it was not for the 360, this generation would have suck badly. While the PS3 was getting ready to go with its exclusives and coming titles, the 360 fueled the void for great gaming for the last 2 years. The 360 has done more than many people realize, by adding "28 million" gamers to the community they have accomplished something very important for the gaming industry. The 360 put the game industry in main stream. Its more popular than movies and the music industry, and that is mostly thanks to the 360 and its accessible pricing with the great games.

Death let me know what you think about it...

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