First online review of Killzone 2 awards game 4 out of 5

Swedish site GP has published what appears to be the first online review of Killzone 2 and has awarded the game 4 out of 5.

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TheColbertinator3628d ago

I knew it.Maybe next time GG.Hopefully more info on CodMW 2 arrives soon

OuterHaven3628d ago

U a fanboy now 2 colbert? they way u said it.... u know these guys are a nobody.

TheColbertinator3628d ago

No I'm just certain that CodMW2 will be the better shooter this year.Just like Cod4 was better than Halo 3 and bioshock in 2007.Infinity Ward has a great track record and their next game will push the limits and expectations of the FPS genre once again.


trancefreak3628d ago

I feel ya stevie but why cant you just give kz the credit it deserves instead of poppin off about a game thats only on paper in cod4 mw2. Seriously is that the best u got to downplay the greatness of kz lolz.

ZombieNinjaPanda3628d ago

@Steve Colbert

Codmw2 will be nothing compared to Killzone 2.

Now I'm not going to be a fanboy about this, and say Killzone 2 can't be beaten or matched. But if Call of duty MW2 is anything like Cod4, it will suck.

To even compete with killzone 2, MW2 needs to have top notch visuals, destructible environments, an online that isn't broken until 2 years after the game has been popular.

Enemies need to be somewhat varied, infinite respawns need to stop (Some levels take me half an hour because I'm afraid to advance on veteran sometimes).

Until MW2 does some of those, and then some, it will not beat killzone 2. Many people will think it will, just because it's a multiplatform game, but imo, it won't.

Here's to hoping though.

POGfinder3628d ago

Gears 1,2 ,cod 4 all got 4/5 from them

Ninja-Sama3628d ago

For this reason alone I think its chances of surpassing KZ2 are slim to none.

Mr Bot3628d ago

behind the score, with my popularity i convinced some of my bots to give me the chance to review the game, after all how else can i save halo wars and GTA DLC from KZ2?? 360 needs my saving and i wont turn it down now after sucking the people's money for 3 years straight!

GiantEnemyCrab3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )


"i was the gay"

Yes, you was the gay and it looks like you still is the gay.

Way to represent the PS3.

3628d ago
POGfinder3628d ago

also some other scores

GTA4 - 3/5
L4D - 3/5
Dead space - 3/5

Cod5 -4/5
Gears 2 - 4/5
R2 - 4/5

KZ2 is as good as other shooters if not better

KZ2 has got 5/5 from OPM if u are unaware .
more perfect scores incoming

Rhoic3628d ago

"Codmw2 will be nothing compared to Killzone 2."

That's what they said about CoD:MW. They said Halo 3 and BioShock were still the best and that no other FPS was going to out-do them. For your fanboy sake.. you better hope that Killzone 2 will get perfect 9's and 10's all across the board and sell around 4 million at least for it to be noticed in CoD 4's eyes.

By the way, I'm going to be one of the 6 million =P

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3628d ago

...People will read a nobody internet site and trust their reviews???
Hmm...I GIVE UP on Mankind!!! ;-D

p.s To the Doctor(i.e Doctor Who) The next time the Earth is in Danger, let it BURN!!! ;-D There is no hope anymore...


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Raoh3628d ago

well if co op is the reviewers only problem no big deal. co op is coming soon after the release.

kwicksandz3628d ago

I remember reading something around the same time fable 2 co op was delayed that they cut the feature completely

Capital G3628d ago

confirmed FAKE

thanks SONY

edwineverready3628d ago

Capital g really you are unbelievably. i never met a more ignorant person then you. you clearly make a mistake and then keep on defending it. even the mods deleted your post because it was wrong. Come one guys let's bubble this guy down and do humanity a favor.

jwatt3628d ago

They could give this game a 2 out of 5 it still wouldn't effect my purchasing of Killzone 2.

edwineverready3628d ago

He only has 3 bubbles. come one people you can do better. let's wipe him of the face off n4g.

incogneato3628d ago

this gay site is obviously doing it for hits.

MazzingerZ3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )


Who would review Killzone in 2 paragraphs?...the guy says he doesn't like War based shooters ( I didn't know there were shooters where weapons were used to shoot flowers) and that got enough with R2 and Gears 2...

...and he writes that the games is out in JANUARY (Januari in Swedish)...he WRITES, it's not a typo...go figure

I guess people will dig and spent days on internet with the only purpose of finding reviews where Killzone 2 is scored as an average game

MiloGarret3628d ago

People on this site are retarded, all of you. GP (Göteborgs-posten) is a swedish news magazine, not a game magazine, and is about as relevant the gaming community as the Kentucky Herald is. Now stop crying, I'm sure the game will score great overall.

Seeing you people get all crazy over a review score is one of the saddest sights of my life, if it wasn't because I know GG has worked hard on this game and Sony invested a lot of resources into it, I'd wish for it to score below 5/10 just to know that you are actually upset about it. Get a life losers, seriously.


Captial G = A$$

A 4/5 = 9/10

And it was a 5/5 the other review....


IcarusOne3627d ago

"Get a life losers"

Look at what you wrote and then consider the fact that you went out of your way to criticize and respond to a thread that you yourself have said is bullsh*t. If it's BS, why comment on it? Let's start doing something novel on this site: let's start - all of us - acting like adults. What this usually entails is being mature. You could start by acknowledging that if something is lame, or dumb, or just BS, then ignore it and move on.

The irony and ignorance of your rant will keep me smiling throughout most of today.

Gray23627d ago

lol umm 4/5 = 8/10... not 9/10 just letting you know...

But anyway, this game is gonna be amazing

pixelsword3627d ago

GP isn't even a gamer's site, but watch this score go up on metacritic even though we haven't heard of this place.

I can't wait until Burger King puts out a game review and lower the score on a great game for hits... It'll make front page with a 1000+ score in N4G too.

f7897903627d ago

They are the first review and all fanboy eyes shall burn them alive for denying Killzone 2 a perfect score.

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OuterHaven3628d ago

lol everyone clam down, these guys are a nobody.

Fowack3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

4/5 is a good score

Edit: Nevermind people are concerned

Halochampian3628d ago

people think the game HAS to score perfectly. I personally never agree with perfect scores because a game can never be perfect.

If a game is perfect, then there should never be another game if that type.

But people on here seem to think the game HAS to be perfect and everyone has to agree with that.

thereapersson3628d ago

Did you agree with Halo 3's perfect scores?

Cheeseknight283628d ago

Nice try, but none of the important sites or magazines gave Halo 3 a perfect score.

Shadow Flare3627d ago

--Would rather play this game then anything on box 360--

Halochampian3627d ago

Nope. Havent agreed with any game getting perfect scores. I take it as being a great game. I dont take it as being perfect.

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cliffbo3628d ago

i wanted to take a dump behind a tank and couldn't 4/5

hopefully 360 owners will provide the shyt in an update later

edwineverready3628d ago

The xbox fans search the internet for days and found a 8/10 review from a none gaming site who don't even have the review code yet, and they are so happy to say i told you so. this proves they are childish. i have been to guerrilla headoffice for a three day test sesion and this game will not fail.

Gam713628d ago

You say xbox fans are childish for searching the internet for bad review scores.

I say you're speaking from experiance of ps fans doing that to 360 games for the past 3 years.

seriously what a stretch that was.
Another case of a ps fan accusing 360 fans of acting like them.

spacetoilet3628d ago

Check the first poster.
THAT, is a typical 360 fan.

edwineverready3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

xbox360 users want this game to fail so bad it's not even funny anymore. when gears of war2 came out i did not want it to fail. i was happy they got another good game. All i am saying is let us have this great game we deserve it after a 2 year + wait. Ok mgs4 was great but this is the first great fps for ps3.

Covenant3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )


No, that was a 360 FANBOY.

He doesn't represent all of us.

He doesn't represent humanity very well, either.

POGfinder3628d ago

Gears 2 got 4/5 from them too

GTA4 got 3/5

Cod/r2 also got 3/5 from them too


KZ2 is as good as any next gen shooter if not better

The Lazy One3628d ago

I don't want it to fail...

Gam713628d ago


I don't want it to fail.

Are you saying ps fans didn't want fable, halo, GoW2 to fail?

Haven't you been reading the comments on here and every other gaming site from them.

Like I said, ps fans accusing 360 fans of doing what they do.
All of a sudden its wong?

spacetoilet, he was talking like a typical ps fan only about the ps instead of the 360 for once.

And as for pogfinder

"New Message:
12 hours ago | By: POGfinder | Block
cod4/gears 2 got 4/5 from them too

nice pm.

So what indeed.

do you have a point? or a typical ps fanboy who continues spreading fud or tries to start something through PM's.

I have an inbox full of ps3 owners with buyers remorse who have done that.

GiantEnemyCrab3627d ago

Yes, it is going to be "360 owners" fault if this game doesn't score well.

Talking like crazy people again..

Do you ever not have someone else to blame for bad PS3 news?

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