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Submitted by Deadly Cyclone 2513d ago | news

Warning: Fake CoD5 Infinity Ward Beta Invites Out

"Infinity Ward's twitter page (as well as FourZeroTwo's) has alerted GamePlay Unlimited to a series of what seem to be beta invites from Infinity Ward going around for the next Call of Duty. These are fake, do not open them. The e-mails originate from [email protected] If you get an e-mail from this address delete it." (Dev, Industry)

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BaSeBaLlKiD721  +   2513d ago
change the title. its too confusing.

either change it to COD6 or COD:MW2
Ryudo  +   2512d ago
Everyone knows COD WAW is a COD4 spin-off like the countless other non-number COD games. COD5 will be using a different or drastically updated engine. Not like COD WAW which is worse then COD4.
thisguywithhair  +   2512d ago
Is no one reading the story?
The story is talking about a fake invite coming from the email address: [email protected] This has absolutely nothing to do with any game, so stop talking symantics on apples when we are talking about oranges.
Mr_Zkaar  +   2512d ago
Don't you mean COD6...
Are_The_MaDNess  +   2512d ago
they did NEVER say that W@W was CoD5 lol it is world at war NOT COD5
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jivah  +   2512d ago
well actually wen cod:waw was in development it was known as cod5 but den lata changed 2 waw..facts suck rite?! :p
Are_The_MaDNess  +   2512d ago
jepp lol
but that was b4 they did come up whit a name tho
after that it was known as W@W
jivah  +   2512d ago
who u talkin 2 like dat yo...oprah says its 5!....wat she says goes...... ok!
Deadly Cyclone  +   2512d ago
Reply to all
As a few of you mentioned, the reason I did not name the story Modern Warfare 2 or CoD6 is because the e-mail address these fakes were coming from contains CoD5 in it. Naming the story fake CoD6 or MW2 beta invites out when the email is from a CoD5 addy would confuse people.

Also we do not know if MW2 will be called that or CoD5 or CoD6.
Chris_GTR1  +   2512d ago
i hate duches that say this is cod5. this is the 6th cod game so its cod6 dammit!

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