Killzone 2 is "a Powerful Contender for Best Game of 2009"

Killzone 2 has been hyped up for years now. It has reached that state where a game is so hyped that it is nearly impossible for it to live up to the expectations. Few games that have reached this state have lived up to the hype given to them. For most games, the hype is so high that they get buried under it (Too Human). So what will happen to Killzone 2?

Well if early talk about Killzone 2 is to be believed, it will exceed the mountainous hype it currently has.

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edwineverready3627d ago

This game deserves all the hype. the tec that goes into kz2 tops every game even crysis. I am not talking graphics but just the shear amount of new tec that goes into this game is insane. example when sparks hit each other they bounch of each other wtf

Kain813627d ago

Bigger,better and more BADASS INDEED

elorm93627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

Thing is that I don't think we'll ever see a 3rd party game like this one. Not many devs can afford to fund such a game

lord_of_balrogs3627d ago

Christ goty talk already, how about we wait until December 2009 before we proclaim the "best game of 2009."

elorm93627d ago

Because if GoW3 comes out this year, then it'll be a tougher competition. From the way Jaffe was rambling about how good it looked, I have no doubts it may look better than KZ2. Still need more details on gameplay though

Ju3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

You guys forget about UC2. I am pretty sure that will be up to that level.

I think nothing will top the hype around KZ2, though.

Bnet3433627d ago

Yes it is but, can we please see what else is in store for 2009? I mean, we aren't even out of the first month yet ... Don't count yoour eggs before they hatch ^.^

cereal_killa3627d ago

And lets not forget about the Soljaboy game exclusive to the 360 PP's next game to rant about for GOTY!!

On a serious note I agree with lord_of_balrogs let just wait a while to see what we get b4 we proclaim a certain game GOTY yes i think by the looks of it so far it should go there but you never know what were going to get this year.

shovelbum3627d ago

Seriously? It's freaking January. I was in the Beta as well and it was very good but let's wait until we play the finished product before bestowing GOTY, not to mention the other two hundred games that'll drop this year. All this hype can only backfire in the end because it will be impossible for the game to live up to it.

JOLLY13627d ago

we are still letting blogs be posted?

SL1M DADDY3627d ago

Many review folks that post up GOTY awards have short term memories but not long term. They typically forget the games that roll out early on so hopefully this year will be different. I am hoping that KZ2 has such an impact and a long term impact that it is a sure contender for GOTY but one would have to wonder if GOWIII hits this year if it will shadow anything before it.

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Bathyj3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

It no so much hype. Its just that everyone who plays it want to tell everyone how good it is. Its refreshing to get a game so good after what Halo has turned into and while the first Gears I found overated but still great, I found the second boring and playing it was more like work that a pleasure.

Of course, thats just me and I haven't played KZ2 yet, but like Halo and Gears, I did love the first one and I only bring Halo and Gears up, not to slag them but to give examples of way overhyping, again in my opinion.

Sarcasm3627d ago

I have to agree that I enjoyed Gears of War 1 much much more than 2. It's weird, because 2 has better graphics and gameplay. But Gears of War 1 was more instant classic to me.

Bathyj3627d ago

I dont know about the gameplay being better in 2. For me it was boring.

I dont know why, maybe it wasn't fresh anymore, but I doubt it, every FPS is nearly the same yet Resistance 2 had me hooked right away. It just started exciting and never let up. The Goliath was so huge and you had to run between its legs while fighting Chimera, I thought that was great.

Gears 2 just started room to room to street to room. It was just so run of the mill for me. Dull even. Then it was straight into an onrails bit.

Maybe it was just my constant annoyance at Marcus's voice, it irritates me everytime he speaks, and he talks such crap. I like it on Futurama, but in Gears, man can he be anymore cliche'd grisly space marine?

One funny bit but, was when you come to a dark tunnel and the rookie complains about having no flashlight, echoing my own thoughts. Some says in gruff marine "I'd rather have another gun than a flashlight." as he strides along with his mighty arsenal of 2 guns that every game insists on copying from Halo, and a pistol (woohoo), and then calls a vehicle up to shed some light on the situation. Brilliant writing, I can see why Kotaku thought this deserved Best Story. ;)

eagle213627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

hey, check out! KZ2 #1 overall bestseller already. They also break it down by platform, of course it's #1 in PS3 section too. Now go to the "other section", no RTS is anywhere! lol

Ju3627d ago

The only reason why I haven't preordered this yet, is because I am still waiting for a special edition. But comes Feb. 5th, I might not have a choice.

resistance1003627d ago

Thats good news for Sony, if they have a game outselling all the games (even ones which are already out) and theres still more than 6 weeks until its released.

Worldwide day 1 sales of a million would not surprise me, seeing as virtually every major online retailer has it in there top 5 pre-order charts and has done for a while now

jcgamer3627d ago

I'm one of many PS3 gamers going through this!...the only way to get over it is to have the game in our hands!

get well guys on February 25th and 27th!

lol :)

Bnet3433627d ago

I'm just pissed we have to wait till' the end of February :(

edwineverready3627d ago

I mean really i have not been this excited about anything since i was a kid. i do have a life i travel a lot and have lot's of friends, but this game just makes me so happy.

PotNoodle3627d ago

Hype built by the media? Yes.
Hype built by the fans? No.

The hype built by the fans is so big that there will never be a single game that can beat the mountains of hype that is built up for all these game releases.

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