Neocrisis: Free Realms - More on Sony's Free MMO

Neocrisis: Free Realms - Sony's free to play MMO for PC and PS3. Free Realms is Sony's first effort in the world of free MMOs, and it's pretty exciting. Entirely browser based and able to run on virtually any computer purchased since 2003, There is a lot to love about Free Realms.

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Spike473622d ago

Why not put this kind of effort towards some damn racing game mmo or some other random genre but this is just plain dumb.

I find nothing interesting about this and to be honest I'm not liking the agency's cartoony style either. Only PS3 mmo I'm looking forward to is DC Universe.

TheColbertinator3621d ago

I don't think I've ever met anyone complaining on a free game.If you don't want to play it,don't.Simple

Kain813621d ago

Everquest 3, Blade and Soul, Aion and some other mmo-games

elorm93621d ago

They're just trying to create titles for different audiences. Y'know, for more variety

majorsuave3621d ago

"Mainly geared towards a younger crowd, ages 9-14"


"Free Realms has a very unique design, mixing familiar MMO territory with newer manga like graphics."

Driiiing, hello! It's yesteryear calling, can we have our Manga graphics back?

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blowme3621d ago

whats the release date?

TheColbertinator3621d ago

It should come this Spring after the PC version

Spike473621d ago

meaning retail free? If thats the case okay but I still think it's useless.

Liquid Snake3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

its a free download and no monthly subscription fees. They have micro transactions to fund it.

Also Sony's other MMO "The Agency" has no monthly fees. Its got ads and micro transactions to fund it. Not sure if you have to buy the Box with The Agency.

blowme3621d ago

if its free i will try it out lol

Kain813621d ago

if you want it, you can download it from the Japanese PSN-store for free, and you can play it for free.

Liquid Snake3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

you can sign up for the beta on the offical website. Use your PSN to sign in or make a new account for PC users.

EDIT: Not sure if you can use your PSN to sign as my PSN and Station ID are the same.

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blowme3621d ago

game seems nothing special

Spike473621d ago

I'll see what it's about

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The story is too old to be commented.