Playing With Others: The death of split-screen

Destructoid writes:

"Remember the good old days? The days where you'd roll over to your buddy's house, or vice-versa, and spend hours sitting around playing games? It may not even have to be the good old days though. It could be as recently as last week, or even last night. But time, time isn't what's important here. Enjoyment is what's important. The difference to me now is how much more enjoyable it used to be to play games with your buddies in the same room, over what it's turned into now.

I'm talking about the split-screen mechanic, and why I think it's now overshadowed and surpassed in most cases by online. I believe that due to the massive increase in technology and graphics, we're better off playing more online and less in person. Even though we lose some of that togetherness that arcades and couches gave us, I think that, in the end, we're even more connected now than ever."

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elorm93625d ago

With games demanding more resources and power, seems like split screen is going out of business. I guess that makes sense because now a days, there's online gaming right?

Parapraxis3625d ago

I would prefer having both.

jwatt3625d ago

Yea, I remember the mario kart 64 and 007 days or playing twisted metal with my brother.

na2ru13624d ago

With me and another 2, vs online = 3-5 hrs of gaming.

Oner3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

It *probably* has more to do with that in doing so, it *might* increase game sales and console sales? Since it basically forces people/friends to HAVE to buy both in order to play with each other...and if that is ultimately the case, companies better change that kind of business model. Quickly.

SaiyanFury3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

Totally. Back in the days of the PS1 and 2 I would hook up with my best friend and spend weekends drinking and playing games like Rival Schools and Champions of Norrath until 8 in the morning. Online gaming is all fine and dandy but NOTHING beats sitting with a bud, having a few beers and playing together, side by side. The original Resistance on PS3 is STILL my most played FPS because me and my brother-in-law can sit together on the same couch and go at it through the story mode together instead of being isolated on separate couches playing online. I prefer sitting with friends as opposed to playing with others online.

gaminoz3624d ago

He says: "Hell, even with three people, most maps today are meant for upwards of sixteen, so you have a lot of ground to cover, a lot of cover to look behind, and a lot of wasted ammo."

Easy solution: Gears 2 had BOTS. Pretty cool ones too....

It isn't inevitable at all that split-screen's just the focus this gen wants to have on getting us online and buying more copies so there's more profit generally being made. The thing is that it fuels the used game industry because if the online game doesn't live up to Halo or COD standards it dies and the game is traded in or sold on Ebay. Split-screen can be played for as long as you have the console, so why get rid of the game?

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kai_h3625d ago

Too bad some developers believe that gamers are anti-social people, whose only contact with others are online where actual contact never occurs.

I miss the old days when people could sit side-by-side and play. Gamers (or at least some of them) actually have friends to enjoy videogames with, which is why I mourn the loss of co-op and splitscreen games.

For me, Motorstorm 2, and CoD:WaW was extremely fun, along with Resistance: Fall of Man -- offline multiplayer with just two players is another story though. But when R2 made it so the (offline/online) co-op campaign (that's almost impossible to complete without going online) couldn't save with two players, it was truly disappointing.

When some people complain that split-screen shouldn't be in games, I tell them this: try playing split-screen games with a friend, it's much more fun.

Cajun Chicken3625d ago

Great comment, instant bubble.

Also, I never knew CoD:WaW had split screen, might have to check that out.

RebornSpy3625d ago

unless you have a large television. World at War's splitscreen, at least in coop, is really bad. Instead of splitting the entire screen in half, it just puts two small rectangles over a dull background. It's hard to explain, as I've never seen anything like it. I'd stick to online for that game.

But I really love splitscreen, especially living in a dorm with 4 others. We only have 1 360, so splitscreen is necessary. I love the feature on Left 4 Dead and Gears.

LBP is cool as well in that multiple players can fit onto the same screen.

Leathersoup3624d ago

I tried playing CoD:WaW split screen with a friend. It made it too hard to see what was going on and who I was shooting at.

In the days of Golden Eye it was a lot easier as the levels weren't designed to be 256 shades of black. These days if you're going to make something split screen make it easy to identify what's on screen.

dragunrising3625d ago

It seems the reason to me is that its a lot of work. Keeping the graphic fedelity of single player is really hard when you through in split screen co-op. I can't say that I miss it. I welcome online co-up being as how I can game with my brothers 100+ miles away.

With that said, split screen co-op makes a game much more valuable. Rather than pawn the game off after you beat it you might be inclined to keep it for when a buddy or two comes over. Game publishers should think about that.

Bathyj3625d ago

Nah, nothing better than a couple mates, (thats off-line friends to you) sitting in the same room, drugs, beer and someones hot sister, all trash talking and giggling their arses off playing Timesplitters or Mariokart.

Online is good cos you can do this when ever you want, but why would I want "I cant believe its not butter" when I have butter in the fridge?

lord_of_balrogs3625d ago

Me and my buds usually system link and use multiple tvs when we want to game for a long time. That way we're all together but we each get our own screen. But I still like split screen, I've had some great times playing split screen Halo 2.

xplosneer3625d ago

It's the death of lan too. What happens to parties? I don't mind splitting 2 TV's 2 ways-it's much easier and more fun. Wish more racing games had split screen these days too. NfS Most Wanted, come back!(It got stolen...) too bad black box closed down, what other good racing games are there with cops(literal question) on PS3?

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