VGC Review: SingStar Legends

VGC writes: "There is a good possibility that many of you already know all about the SingStar franchise. Even if you have never played one of the games, you can take an educated guess based on the title that this series of video games encourages you to sing like a star.

SingStar Legends was released just in time for Christmas and you'll be happy to discover that it includes all of your favorite legendary songs from yesterday and today. I have played the US version extensively and it is important to note that the European version, which was released two years ago, includes a totally different track list (although it looks just as good). On the American version, you'll find hits from The Police, Tina Turner, Ray Charles, John Lennon, The Grateful Dead, and the Jackson Five. The song selection is really a great one. Don't expect to have heard of half the songs unless you are over the age of 20 though."

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