GTA: Chinatown Wars, 120 minutes of cutscenes!

Gamer Limit writes "It's almost mind blowing that the DS version of GTA could hold 2 hours of cut scenes but apparently so, according to the BBFC."

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Andrew Wiggin3538d ago

Awesome, can't wait to play it and see this 2 hours of cutscenes. Hopefully the story is better then GTA4.

Fullish3538d ago

Haha yeah it'll be interesting to see what they pull off.

Hercules3537d ago

it was good and original..vice city and san andreas were based off movies..but this one was original..correct me if i am wrong please

majorsuave3537d ago

What's wrong with GTA IV story? it is beyond expectations for a video game to have a storyline so deep with so many developed characters.

Hagaf223538d ago

metal gear solid cinematics for the ds?!!?

Sarcasm3538d ago

but but but gamers want to play a game not watch a movie!

Homicide3538d ago

MGS4 had like 4-5x the amount of cutscenes.

N4G4L3538d ago

lord please stop them from making any more GTA games......

majorsuave3537d ago

Satan, please help them make several more GTA games.

dgroundwater3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

Yeah, Reading Rainbow still image cutscenes more like it. Half of them are probably moving pictures like Red Steel. Doesn't mean it will be bad per se, but no FMV I'm sure.

Gothdom3538d ago

well, there's that and also, since I saw Burnout on DS, I'm afraid of how this will turn out.

majorsuave3537d ago

It is possible to script full 3D character animation and render it on the DS, it is also possible to pre render and play them as videos.

Expect a level of quality between game N64 and Gamecube.

mint royale3538d ago

I can't wait to play this game!

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