RE5: Umbrella is Dead; Long Live Tricell

After speaking with Chris Kramer, Capcom's Senior Director of Communications, TGR has information confirming that Umbrella will no longer be the focus of the Resident Evil series.

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TheCagyDies3627d ago

"All was lost with Raccoon City" - Unnamed Old Man in Re5 TGS 08 Trailer (Most likely to be Ozwell E. Spencer, Founder of Umbrella)

SullyDrake3627d ago

Classic RE is what I wish for on PS3/360, but sadly it's looking like it won't ever happen. Even a remake would be awesome.

Sarcasm3627d ago

Mitchell, agreed. I actually wish the direction they would have took Resident Evil is go back to being a "Horror Survival" game. FEAR 2 is looking mighty ace in that category. Heck, Killzone 2 is starting to look scarier than RE5. Those dreary life threatening orange helghast eyes.

Bnet3433627d ago

I don't mean to sound like a scrub but I'm probably a bigger RE fan than anyone here and you have to just learn stick with the new direction Capcom took instead of making the same thing over and over. With time, it really gets to you. The only thing closest to RE2 was RECVX, but that was a hard game and it felt like a drag honestly.

ThanatosDMC3627d ago

We got Dead Space at least. But yeah, i kinda wish they'll go back to zombies. I want to fight those lickers.

Sarcasm3627d ago

Oh don't get me wrong Kigmal, I'm buying RE5. It looks like a very polished game and I'm itching to find out more about the story. But I feel like they could do more with the environments and experience like Dead Space.

Cwalat3627d ago

okey so this confirms it,
theey want to kill the old formula of the RE games...

probably within 2 years.. they will change the name of the game aswell...

RemmM3627d ago

If you saw the Resident Evil Degeneration movie, you'd see that Umbrella was finished since Raccoon City was nuked in RE3. It would only make sense... and in the RE Degeneration movie, it showed a new company on the rise, that company is Tricell.

SL1M DADDY3627d ago

I loved RE4 but found it to be more of an action shooter with survival horror controls and see that RE5 is going even further down the action game path. If it lacks the true survival horror feel it will be good for shooters but a shame that it has lost the horror feel. Thankfully Dead Space did it right with true horror and a spine tingling feel with the sound and look of the game. RE5 is a day one purchase but I do wish they would have stayed with the original RE feel.

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ThePimpOfSound3628d ago

There's COMPETITION? Someone was sitting in the boardroom saying "Yeah we've got to get in on that zombie apocalypse market, it's really a growth industry."

cayal3628d ago


Kinda sucks Umbrella is gone. They were a good antagonist company.

Sarcasm3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

LOL seriously.

"How can we make better, faster, more reliable Zombies than umbrella?"
"Don't make them in the USA."

cain1413628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )


Death is one of the few constant growth industrys...

Viewtiful3628d ago

That's like some sort of odd "world-informed-emo-kid&q uot; comment.

cain1413628d ago

Sad Panda Sad...

Sad Panda Kills Self...

Sad Panda Becomes Zombie...

Sad Panda Now Happy...

Arsenic133628d ago

If anyone has seen Degeneration, its fairly obvious that the mentioned Umbrella officials that have yet to be identified/found may have started up Tricell. Tricell is just the new front that ex umbrella employees are now working at.

cain1413627d ago

Thanks for clearing that up. I haven't seen any of the movies yet...

Arsenic133627d ago

No problem. Im kind of liking this name better. Umbrella was a bit funny. Tricell sounds good, plus if you have played the demo there is if i recall correctly 3 cells in the menu.

Lord Vader3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

Degeneration was awesome. It connects RE4 with RE5. Any RE fan should give it a rental at least, it was pretty good in fact, & it addresses what this article is talking about.

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