Three DLC packs for Killzone 2?

Killzone 2 isn't even out yet and there are already rumors about DLC packs. PS3Life says someone within Guerrilla told them that there is currently a plan to release three DLC packs after Killzone 2 releases.

PS3Life doesn't have any further details, but let's hope they will have some soon. I know I am interested.

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Tekkenfanaat3628d ago

I certainly hope so! That would be very cool :)

trpride3628d ago

Did they promise it then?

Spike473628d ago

damn excited about this game.

heyheyhey3628d ago

yeah hopefully... although the more i see of this game, the more im thinking it's an experience best savored in solitude... although i'd love to replay the game in co-op

Bnet3433628d ago

They better be free ...

lociefer3628d ago

i hope its the vehicles pack , that would be awesome

kwicksandz3628d ago

Hopefully they wont nickle and dime you ala Motorstorm and home DLC.

thor3628d ago

Co-op has been flat-out denied...

MithDragn wrote:



Will you guys ever put this on for Killzone 2, as an update or something?!?!?! :smileysad: :smileysad:

----------------------------- ------


Seb Downie - QA Manager - Guerrilla Games

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trpride3628d ago

They do everything for money...

Liquid Snake3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

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Kleptic3628d ago

yeah...with something like Resistance 2 out, its hard to justify DLC for stuff that should already be there...

the rumor is that a 'horde' like co-op campaign will be implemented with DLC...which most likely wouldn't be free...and arguably should be there at launch (its the games only short-coming, and I expect it to get hammered twice as hard for it than any other shooter has, despite the fact that it has offline/online bots...)...

who knows though...the depth of the multiplayer is plenty for me to start out with...and like a chump...i'll be handing over my money without being asked for extra killzone 2 stuff...anything that looks that good will get dl'd day 1 probably...

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HoangLow3628d ago

it keeps getting better

Fishy Fingers3628d ago

Without knowing the content I'm not sure how you can say that. They dont even mention a price.

TheColbertinator3628d ago

They should have just put it into the full game.I don't like the fact that it will come standard.DLC packs should come 6-12 months later not so soon.

heyheyhey3628d ago

who's to say the DLC won't come 6 months later?

at least it's not 1st day DLC

lord_of_balrogs3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

I think Guerrilla is getting ahead of themselves.

EDIT: Why am I getting disagrees? They should focus on the game first, after it's released they can focus on DLC. Christ, I'm not dissing KZ2 or anything.

Snow3628d ago

Maybe people just don't like you..

FantasyStar3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Just uttering the words "Guerrilla" and anything that can mean negative things will earn you the wrath of the SDF.

Karum3627d ago

I didn't hit the disagree button and I won't hit it but I do think you're wrong, kinda.

The reason for that is the game has been prety much done for a while now with just some final touches to polish the game off.

There's no reason that at this point they can't have some people working on ideas or concepts for DLC at the very least.

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