The Good Old Days - Doom II [CO-OP]

Harsh Gaming writes:

"It has been fourteen years since Doom II: Hell on Earth's release. That is a longer lifespan than many of our readers. In 2009, FPS' command adjectives like 'immersive', 'breathtaking' and 'dynamic'. In 1994 all that mattered was the Super Shotgun and a banging midi soundtrack. DOS was ruling the PC scene and internet gaming was beginning to get its feet off the ground. By the late 90's it became obvious that Video Gaming was no longer an independently coded hobby, but a viable business sector that had the potential to eclipse other mediums of digital entertainment. Game companies lost their experimental edge and began to focus on protecting their assets and honing financial management. It all got a bit boring."

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MGOelite3599d ago

is there a free download for this anywhere?

Snoozer2823599d ago

Legally we're talking no :(. Doomsday is free, but you need a copy of Doom / Hexen etc.

I picked it up cheap in the steam sale as well, shame it's kinda high again. Will give this a try myself. Need a break from L4D :D

buffy3863598d ago

you can get the collectors edition with all the dooms for like 10 bucks on

digger183598d ago

ah Doom

When the first Doom came out, all I had was a 386 sx25 and this was the game that made me upgrade my PC to a 486 dx66 with 4mb of ram.

Those were good days :)

Kushan3598d ago

"It has been fourteen years since Doom II: Hell on Earth's release. That is a longer lifespan than many of our readers."

And don't we F*cking know it!

thereapersson3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

I remember when the shareware first came out. My Friend and I sat by his computer for nearly an hour installing the software off of floppy disks (!), and played the entire first episode from start to finish. Soon after, he got the full game and I would come over to his house almost every day, and him and I would take tuns playing each level, or alternating turns when one of us would die. We were young still, and I didn't have a computer back then, so we never got the chance to try out co-op / netplay.

This was back in the day when Packard Bell computers were still a big name in pre-assembled systems, which shows how old this game really is. It stands the test of time even today, as I still play this more than any other game in my collections on both PC and console.

Simply amazing...

Jeebs3598d ago

Doom 2 (full) : legally available from (what I believe is a legitimate site)

Oh man, Doom 2. One of the first games I played multiplayer over modem, way back in the day. 14.4k baud modems. Then 28.8k! Dhack! The memories!

But then, I was introduced to 4-player Doom 2 over modem (players with 2 phone lines). That was intense!

Ahhhhh, the memories!
Thank goodness for Doomsday and jDoom (although, I kinda miss messing with Dos Editing)

Cajun Chicken3598d ago

Those two programs are great!

Also, JRisen is good too, its really easy to set up all the packs, it basically does it for you and corrupts less than JDoom.