[CES 09] Sony: PS3 Might Go 3D in 2010

Nikkei Business Publications writes:

"Sony Corp exhibited and demonstrated a 3D game and console as well as a 3D display that can sterically show three-dimensional (3D) images at a press conference at the 2009 International CES."

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badkolo3623d ago

a much as i want 3d gaming, im not going to buy another 3500 buck tv just to do so, i could care less if the ps3 does it or the 360, it doesnt work without the new 3d tv's, let me guess 50 people worldwide will go out and even bother.

EXCLUSIVEGAMER3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

Innovation pushes forward to the next generation.
hmmm, though if you think about it:

"play, b3yonD"
lol. 3D^^^^^

or can also mean play b3yond "3D", which if anyone remembers has already been discussed on ps3 and labeled "4D"

Sarcasm3623d ago

The whole point of the technology is to make it 3D without the required use of a 3D TV. So you would be able to use your LCD or Plasma and let the other hardware (PS3 in this case) do the calculations.

Can someone imagine a game like F.E.A.R 2 in 3D and in 7.1 surround sound? Holy F'in hell that'd be one scary experience.

Beast_Master3623d ago

Rumor is that GT5 will be availible in 3D. it will come with 3d glasses bunduled not require a new TV dummy. It will require HDMI on your PS3 though.

I think if it is true it will sell out the roof. I am not interested in racing games, so I wouldn't buy it but many people would. I think it is a good idea to try it with one or 2 games a year.

Agent VX3623d ago

Oh my gosh... they really should worry about making games run at 60fps with good textures, not this sooooo old 3D crap.

Really, didn't 3D die like 15 years ago???

rockleex3623d ago

They're actually awesome. I saw Beowulf with it, very "eye opening". ^_^

3D died down years ago because it was those red and blue glasses and they didn't work that well. Well, at least not as good as RealD.

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getupahh3623d ago

"We used this method for the demonstration simply because we made another demonstration with Real D's projector for business use and decided to use the same glasses for the home-use display. Also, this method displays right and left images simultaneously and was the most appropriate for the LCD panel with a frame frequency of 120Hz or less."

So this is proof that this tech (realD) does not require a 120hz set.
Very interesting. I can't wait to see this on my ps3. :)

badkolo3623d ago

does it require a new 3d lcd or not, that is the question, if it does then it will never become mainstream and is pointless, if you dont need a new 3d tv then im eagerly waiting.

getupahh3623d ago

You do not need a new LCD, if they make the 3D tech that they used for the demonstration (RealD) as the standard for Blueray.

The standard for 3D is now in discussion and will be determined by the end of 2009.

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