CES 09: Eyes-on with Sony's Real 3D games (Joystiq)

Joystiq writes: "Have you ever had one of those moments when you looked at the graphics being generated by a brand new console and suddenly knew without doubt that you wouldn't be able to go back to your old games without feeling like you were missing something? As we've gotten older and seen more consoles come and go, the intensity of that feeling has continued to wane. But as we checked out the PlayStation 3 games Sony was presenting in Real3D at CES we were struck by the surprisingly potent sensation that we were staring at the future through geeky tinted glasses."

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MasFlowKiller3626d ago

But why only display racing game?

can u imagine Killzone 2 in 3D?

cryymoar3625d ago

it would be some sort of secret feature not revealed until the game is launched.
but i doubt it. would be very revolutionary. Best graphics of any console ALSO in 3D. Maybe GG can pick it up and put it in real quick before the game goes gold.

February 27th:
-Killzone 2 Launch
-PS3 price drop
-PS3 firmware upgrade to allow for 3D games
-Sony ships 3D glasses to all major retailers to buy for the game.
-Xbox 360 just gets tea bagged from all of the above.

My life would be complete.

iceatcs3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

Cos you need half of each picture frame to make 3D, therefore it is ideal for 60fps games is best for 3D.
60fps games will make 30fps on the 3D screen, that's why three games has 60FPS support.
Motorstorm 2 is not really 60FPS (in play) but the replay event is, just like this CES show didn't let Motorstorm 2 playable otherwise it will be 15FPS on 3D screen which it is unplayable.

Killzone 2 on 3D would be nice but unplayable 15FPS for shooter.

Good thing it is promising for any future 60FPS games might get true 3D support .

ThanatosDMC3625d ago

Give me 3D horror games.... GIVE ME!!!

SL1M DADDY3625d ago

I have to put my vote in for Dead Space in 3D. Now that would be spine chilling.

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PPnoPP3626d ago

Sony's Real 3D games... so what Nvidia showed with their Nvidia's 3D Vision was Fake. Because we all know only Sony can show REAL 3D GAMES.

Finalfantasykid3625d ago

I think what the article means is that most games since 32/64 bit era have been "3d", they will still being played on a 2 dimensional plane. Now it will be possible to play games in multiple planes, meaning that what we used to call 3d, is no longer the same as it is today.

Xandet3626d ago

3D is the step before virtual reality. :)

spacetoilet3625d ago

But for playing for prolonged periods of time, would probably hurt my eyes?
Ok, the f4g that keeps disagreeing with everyone for no can click disagree now.

There! Feel better? Gears Of Slowdown over already?

prunchess3625d ago

If Sony can ensure that playing for hours wont give you a monumental eye ache or headache I'll be sold on the 3D tech.

I wear glasses so it'll have to be some kind of clip on lenses.

cryymoar3625d ago

i'd get 3D lenses implanted into my eye balls.

andyo133625d ago

be careful u'll make the world 2d then haha

ChanDangle3625d ago

Sony yet again thinking out of the box. Cannot wait to see this implemented in the near future.

cryymoar3625d ago

is one of the few companies that actually care to improve the industry, not just bank from it. *cough* Microsoft *cough*.

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