Neversoft Head Confirms They're Not Doing Next Tony Hawk

Giant Bomb: "Neversoft head Joel Jewett is the subject of a "local boy makes very, very good" sort of article in the Great Falls Tribune this morning. The Montana-based paper covers Jewett's early years, when he made his own skateboards and skated around Great Falls, to his eventual rise as head of the developer of the world's hugest skateboarding franchise in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, to their current transition into being the head of all things Guitar Hero."

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mirroredderorrim3624d ago

I thought the series went downhill after 2, personally.

Caxtus7503623d ago

yeah definitely!

Although I did like the first THUG game when you had to go from zero to hero.

The rest all sucked though.

solidjun53623d ago

it was fun. However, after that, things got stale. When SKATE was released, I had a blast and swore off Tony Hawk series. Maybe it's time for the series to get a new direction with a new team.