Neocrisis: 5 Reasons You'll love Dark Void

Neocrisis: We go over 5 of the best reasons that you will love Dark Void.

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Cajun Chicken3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

This and Prototype will be incredible, original multiplats, fun for everyone people!

Rikitatsu3599d ago

Lets wait for reviews before we jump the boat

Bnet3433599d ago

Another cool looking brand new IP from Capcom, the best.

thats_just_prime3599d ago

I agree both look to be great games that everyone can play

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blowme3599d ago

what is the release date?

damnightmare3599d ago

I think it's just

May 2009 as of now

Cajun Chicken3599d ago

That's much sooner than I thought.


damnightmare3599d ago

I checked IGN, I actually just googled it :P

Cajun Chicken3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

That'll do. At least there's an estimated date, I was scared this wasn't going to come out until September or something.

Y'know, never did it hit me ONCE to Google it. I feel so stoooopid.

damnightmare3599d ago

No problem, I am quite looking forward to this game as well :)

Google ftw!

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Dino3599d ago

does anyone else like going into a game not knowing what's going to happen?

You could easily just leave out the specifics. It's like those A-hole people we all know who love seeing a movie before we do and say things like"let me just tell you one part that it's not giving anything away and then-" Don't you wanna punch those people in the small colon with your bowling shoes? Just saying.

Cajun Chicken3599d ago

Those 'spoilers' you say are exactly whats going to be on the games blurb when you go in a shop and buy it!

All we know, its set in a void in the Bermuda Triangle, has a Jet Pack, humans in the void and Nicolas Telsa...I really assume theres FAR more mystery than that I wouldn't be worried by details like that.

blowme3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

its not really a spoiler

Dino3599d ago

to give away the Tesla thing doesn't make much sense. that could have been an Oh Sh!t moment, but much like trailers for movies, they give away far too much info in hopes to reel in the buyer. Game play, graphics and a cool "premise" not summary of the game should suffice. But that may just be me and that's whats nice about this thread it isn't a name calling post just a trade off of views and that's mine.

Cajun Chicken3599d ago

I sort of get you there now actually. Like back on Halo:CE when you just thought it was you versus the aliens battling over new territory, then;
"oh, my, god. WTF are these?!?"
Enter; 'The Flood'.

I hope that day when sudden gameplay twists halfway through the game returns, that was an awesome shocker and still why Halo:CE is such a great game in narrative to this day.

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Graphics Whore3599d ago

Hopefully the graphics will shape up to be something fierce.

TheColbertinator3599d ago

I have not been interested in Dark Void at all.Hopefully something eye-catching about it shows up

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