Optical Disk Technology Overview.

An overview of optical storage technology from the 1970s out to future possibilities including holographic and other technologies.

"Optical disk technology has played a key role in the data storage industry for more than three decades. The robust nature and stability of the media have established it as a very popular storage media for both consumer and professional applications. The well-established use of optical products and the roadmap for new technologies will ensure that it continues to be used for many years in the future."

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JohnCarpenter4315d ago

Everyone talks about the format war between HD-DVD and blueray. But both still aren't market leader. If i'll buy a PS3 then its just for gaming. Don't believe blueray / HD-DVD is already futureproof!
Just google for 'HD-VMD' as an example. It's cheaper and designed up to 100GB / disc.

Marty83704315d ago

Blu-ray is the market leader helped by the fact that PS3 has Blu-ray a drive, and is using the Blu-ray media for both 'Nex Gen Games' and 'Movies'.Also Blu-ray has far more support from Hollywood Movie Studio's.So PS3 is not just using Blu-ray for just games as you say.PS3 was designed to be a 'Cheap Top Spec Blu-ray player' as well as a 'Nex Gen Console'.Also Blu-ray is far more futureroof than either HD DVD or HD-VMD.Blu-ray can store up to 50Gb on a Blu-ray disc Now,100Gb/200Gb Blu-ray disc are been developed as I write this with more storage possible in the future.

joemutt4315d ago

Blu-ray is the market leader??

Where do you get that? Last I heard DVD is the market leader.

Its going to be a while before anyone is declared a winner, so stop speaking your opinion like its the truth. Thats all you argue about anymore, blu-ray, you used to talk about how good the games where going to be, but you dont anymore, and I know why, they arent.