Brutal Gamer: Locoroco 2 review

Brutal Gamer writes - 'Sony's Japan studio managed to bring them selves tot he fore of the development huddle with their initial release of Locoroco. The game was unlike anything else on the market and represented a return to simple puzzle/platform mechanics not really seen since the early Amiga days (it reminds me of a title called Bob's Bad Day - google it).

To say that I was a big fan of the first title would be a HUGE understatement. The game just made me smile from start to finish and always managed to put me in a great mood. The one thing I thought after finishing the game was "I hope they never try and do a sequel to this". So it was with MUCH trepidation that I loaded up Locoroco 2.'

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Ivix3624d ago

"...them selves tot he fore of the..."

When this is part of the first sentence of the review, does the author's opinion matter?

Armyless3624d ago

And it promptly gets posted here as a legitimate "source".

gametheory3624d ago

But I don't want to play that one