Makeover on the cards for Lara Croft?

Just hours after confirming that it is laying off staff at the studio responsible for Tomb Raider, Eidos has admitted it might give the series' pneumatic lead character Lara Croft a facelift.

The publisher - which recently described sales of the latest Tomb Raider title as below expectations, despite shifting 1.5m copies globally - could look to garner more appeal amongst female gamers with a new look for the heroine.

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Chris3993625d ago

And Laura tends to be looking like a run of the mill, over-collagened porn-star nowadays, which doesn't help.

At least Nariko and Faith were interesting non-archetypal heroines. We (gamers) have seen so much these days that it really takes a strong character to impresss.

Edios needs to take Laura back to the drawing board, simply giving her bigger guns - both body and artillery - isn't enough.

- C

PainisCupcake3625d ago

Lara... its Lara not Laura...

Counter_ACT3625d ago

Ugh, I hate when people say Laura. It's LARA.

AAACE53625d ago

I have always said they needed to do something about Lara Croft's appearance! Back in the day, just as long as she resembled a female was enough. But with all the technical power these consoles have... it makes no sense for her to look so ugly!

I still can't believe they still have her face looking like an alien! Big eyes, tiny nose, jumbo lips?

The sad thing is, they thought people liked her because of her F'ed up lips! Not knowing that it was just horny nerds with blow job on the mind that made it seem so popular. All they have to do is find a cute chick and copy her, instead of giving funny looking women like Angelina Jolie another opportunity to act!

I don't mind women with big lips, but both characters (Jolie, Croft) look terrible to me because of the way theirs are made!

Delive3625d ago

I find it odd that people are really correcting this person fro calling her Laura instead or Lara. I could care less how you spell it, If they call her Laura and the game is actually good, Hooray for all. Maybe old Ms Croft should pass the business off to a younger apprentice to give the game new life. Show her all old with those Guns hanging down to her lap giving advice to a set of tomb raiding twins (this would allow co-op play) and change the name. Tomb Raider is not a popular name these days. Ask Laura and Lara.

PainisCupcake3625d ago

Laura and Lara are two entirely different names thats why people are correcting him, "Laura" is not a different spelling of "Lara" as you seem to be implying.

ChampIDC3625d ago

The problem is that people that speak the English language don't even know it that well. Go edumacation!

Chris3993625d ago

She still looks like a two dollar prostitute, so you can argue semantics over the spelling of her name as much as you want.

- C

Tony P3625d ago

Ugh, Eidos. Appearance is the LAST thing you need to work on. Improve gameplay. Improve the script. That's how you draw gamers of any gender. Not by changing something superficial and assuming a certain demographic will eat it up. That is the height of arrogance to me. And the sad thing is, she doesn't look as bad as everyone makes her out to be.

If Eidos wants to have an excuse to pander to female gamers just give Lara an apprentice or partner where you can actually build a female friendly character from the ground up without alienating your fanbase.

Delive3611d ago

Ok, 2 different names, fine with that. The anger it generates? Seems excessive. "I hate when people call her Laura" is strong for a fictional game character. I found it odd that people were more concerned that she was called Laura than the fact that her career is washed up.

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Counter_ACT3625d ago

The change is what ruined her in the first place. Less ideas from the movie and more original ideas like they used to be!

InMyOpinion3625d ago

Why not focus on Kain and Raziel instead? Lara should have died a long time ago.

lociefer3625d ago

agreed , another legacy of kain game would be awesome

animboo3625d ago

more of raziel please..

whatis3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

The Tomb Raider franchise just needs a Nathan Drake/Lara Croft Team Up/Crossover game!

Elimin83625d ago

But NO.. Knowing Eidos, they would want to show Lara upstaging Drake too much, You know, the been there done that more than you thing.. not good for Drake. Besides N.DOG is taking it to an all new direction. I say you wanna keep making TR, Keep it on the DS or PSP...

Elven63625d ago

@Elimin8: You mean the two consoles it sells the worst on? The Xbox 360, PS3 and PC are good enough, why on earth would you want to play Tomb Raider on your cell phone to begin with?

Elimin83625d ago

I could care less where or which console they make it for... Don't play Tomb Raider no more.

farhsa20083625d ago

i think lara and nathan should get together

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