PS Nation Podcast Ep. 95: Killzone 2 Review Code Impressions

Quotes from the podcast:

"Every expectation I had of this game, was blown away. It's that good. Awesome from beginning to end."

"I love Call of Duty 4. And like I said, that's the one that many people use as the litmus test against other fps. I would take Killzone 2 over COD4 any day of the week".

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POGfinder3621d ago

anyone who isnt playing to buy KZ2 shouldnt call himself a gamer

People i played the BETA and i cant express in words how good the compressed 1 year old beta was

THe final version obviously will blow you away . as simple as that


.... I need this game now... :'(

caffman3621d ago

you are to busy creating new accounts on N4G to possibly be playing anything nasim

TheExecutive3621d ago

is that nasim?

Anyway, I have not played the game for myself so I really cant comment on how awesome it is going to be but my HYPE is someplace between Saturn and Venus atm...

POGfinder3621d ago

incase anyone comes up with a refutation

and shockingly all american media bashed ps3 just because its Japanese

However Dengeki/Famitsu never gave bad scores to any x360 games.

Apple is the most loved brand in Japan

PotNoodle3621d ago

PSNation was running before it became the official podcast of ps3fanboy, they found psnation and asked them if they could represent the site, get stuff forwarded from ps3fanboy like interviews etc to the podcast.

caffman3621d ago

on topic, I think I will pick up killzone 2

torgo3620d ago

Yes, Fanboy is a Joystiq site, but our Podcast is still independent. I and Mark retain full editorial control and full ownership of the show. Fanboy does not influence our content at all. What I said about Killzone 2 I stand behind 100%, and I think that you will see what I'm talking about when the game finally releases.

PPnoPP3621d ago

Im a Xbox360 fan boy even though the game looks great i won't be getting it because its a ps3 game (XBOX4EVER) over and out.

POGfinder3621d ago

millions would be purchasing the masterpiece

and millions would be purchasing ps3 for this


WANNA GET HIGH3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

LMAO...Even pp admit the game looks great.This is one game no 360 bot can deny.... :p

POGfinder3621d ago

is that pp

Well his fanboy tone is turned down
Hopefully he has fully recovered after spending days in Mental hospital

caffman3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

please FOAD. You aren't wanted. Get over it and p!ss off

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Hellsvacancy3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

Then your a [email protected] brother

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The story is too old to be commented.