Sonic and the Black Knight new screens

New direct-feed screenshots (old if you've seen the last two Nintendo Power issues)

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condorstrike3564d ago

wow it's amazing how much better those screens look than those of unleashed, crisp sharp graphics, volumetric looking clouds, is this really gonna be wii exclusive because some screens look way too good.

LokMessier3564d ago

I agree, even though the idea of sonic in medieval times kind of leaves me speculate as to whether this game will be good or not, it's looking pretty good so far (Judging by the screen shots) hopefully a video will be out soon

Milky Joe3564d ago

I think those clouds are probably just flat images.

Anyway, I don't see why Team Sonic don't just pull a MegaMan 9 and make a new, completely 2D (2.5D maybe) Sonic game for download. It's got to be easier than coming up with all these ridiculous gimmicks and unnecessary gameplay elements.

ChickeyCantor3564d ago

It's not done by Team Sonic, by some other team that did the firs one for the Wii too. and apparently they are doing a better job than Team Sonic.
Go figure, the Wii game did better than the 2006 version.

So i actually have bigger hopes for this one.

kunit22c3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

I think High Voltage Software is already making an impression with The Conduit considering Capcom is now trying to make Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) the best game on Wii (graphics wise) and now it looks like whoever is making this is also trying to make it awesome so Thank you High Voltage Software for making The Conduit, making it the prettiest game on Wii and persuading others to make games with better graphics for Wii. P.S. This game is looking sweet! but so far all ive heard is that all the online will have is trading items. I hope they actually have some type of online GAMEPLAY rather than just trading items.

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lord_of_balrogs3564d ago

Sonic is more played out then Mario.

Oztheboss3564d ago

where this is going.

Team Sonic - Look at Capcom and what they're doing with Megaman and Street Fighter. That's what people want, not your putrescent bags of shiet that wouldn't impress a cross-eyed chimp on cocaine.

gumgum993564d ago

no, thats what genesis fans want.

ChickeyCantor3564d ago

GumGum, very good point.
It's the fans who strife for nostalgia with these games.

Not the audience that only knows Sonic by name.

OhMyGandhi3564d ago

this game doesn't look better than unleashed.
Why can't they just stick to the old school sonic? (day time part of Unleashed was a sign of hope for the franchise).

by the way, I didn't know Nintendo Power still existed.
That's pretty cool.
You gotta love three pages of previews, 3 pages of "art attack", 3 pages "letters to the editors", 3 pages of reviews, and a 100 pages of various strategy guides. All in the same magazine.

Cure3564d ago

They need to go back to basic. 2D. use graphics along the lines of littlebigplanet and you will have a winner!